Road To Recovery Auction Starts Tonight; Charity Inititives

So I decided to take a day off — and I’m behind now! So, No Doubt have signed a couple items for the Road to Recovery auction on eBay which includes a signed L.A.M.B. handbag going for $500 (a pretty good deal) and a bass guitar signed by the whole band going for $250 — […]

Fan Donations To BSO From Jimmy Kimmel And Ellen

Thanks so much to Scott for sending into us, check out this exclusive shots of ND arriving at their Jimmy Kimmel Live taping in Hollywood this past Monday. It looks like they lined up at the other gate towards the back lot — I was too busy standing in line to get into the show! […]

Videos: No Doubt Signing Autographs And Jimmy Kimmel

Here are a couple videos from from last night at Jimmy Kimmel. Tons were people were lining up at the gate on the side where the band headed to before they headed on stage. They signed autographs, talked with the paparazzi — and now we have a clear shot of King’s new doo! It’s […]

New Adrian Interview From NAMM; Says New Album Is "A Long Way Away"

Adrian gave a new interview this afternoon with longtime friend/No Doubt ex-bandmate Eric Carpenter (who writes for the Orange County Register now), about the NAMM festival and what’s new with No Doubt. The interview is pretty long, but I posted it all for everyone who wanted to check it out. He’s pretty tight-lipped about the […]

Tom And Adrian At NAMM

Tom blogged again for us spilling that him and Adrian are going to do a signing at the Hamer/Kaman Music during the upcoming NAMM show in Anaheim on Saturday, January 17th. Quick note: I am doing an autograph signing session this Saturday, Jan 17th at 3:30pm at the Hamer/Kaman Music booth at the NAMM show, […]

OCDP Snare Drum Signed by Members of No Doubt & Lit hit eBay

No Doubt’s autographed snare drum and Adrian’s signed amp have been added to the Make-A-Noise auction on eBay, in support of Lit’s drummer Adam that has recently been diagnosed with a brain tumor. It looks Adrian is the only one who signed the merch, probably just recently when he played with the band not too […]