New Band Interview On Their Favorite Songs, Writing, And The Reunion

No Doubt gave a new interview with about how the song writing process is going, their favorite songs to play on tour, and how it feels being perceived as a “nostalgia” act. The interview took place as a conference call with Canadian reporters — they play Toronto, CAN tonight. The band thinks going out […]

Rumor Patrol: Gwen Appearing On Sean Kingston's New Album?

So, this is just a rumor, but according to Jamaican pop singer Sean Kingston’s Wikipedia, his new album, Tomorrow, features Gwen and Timbaland on a track called “Red Dress.” There is also a track, which this one I highly doubt because it also features Lady GaGa AND Pink named “Candy From A Stranger.” The album […]

New Tony Interview With LVRJ; Thinking Seriously About Children

Tony gave a new interview with Las Vegas Review Journal and talked about how good it feels to be back with the group after five years, but of course he kept himself busy during the downtime. He actually bought a house with girlfriend Erin about three years ago and has spent time fixing it up, […]

No Doubt Aim To Get Pregnant — Musically — On Tour This Summer

MTV Shows MTV just posted more coverage from The Today Show showing interviewed fans, and another chunk of the interview with MTV Raw about how they are looking for inspiration on the road for the new album. Adrian talks about how they are curious about Paramore and the energy they are bringing to the show […]

No Doubt 'Giddy' About Summer Tour; New Record

No Doubt sat down with MTV yesterday for a new interview regarding the upcoming tour and album. Again, nothing new really in this article so far, just mentioning that the band is calling this the “procrastination” and “inspiration” tour. The album is reportedly coming out in 2010, which when is mentioned to the band, they […]

Rumor Patrol: Gwen Wrote Three Tracks For Upcoming Kim Kardashian Album

According to The Examiner, Gwen has written three songs for reality star Kim Kardashian’s upcoming debut album. They don’t list anymore details, and Gwen will not be present in the studio with her. She apparently also gave the ‘OK’ for Kim to cover “Don’t Speak” on her album as well. Yikes… can’t wait to hear […]

Happy Anniversary Return Of Saturn!

Everyone at BSO wants to wish a happy anniversary to No Doubt’s 4th studio released album, Return of Saturn! The album was released nine years ago today, and spawned three hit singles: “Ex-Girlfriend,” “Simple Kind of Life,” and “Bathwater” (“New is also featured on the album but was released previously.) The album will always be […]

No Doubt Celebrate 17th Anniversary Of Debut Album

Woah! BSO just wanted to wish a very happy 17th anniversary to No Doubt’s debut album No Doubt today — what a great day to celebrate it being St. Patrick’s Day and everything! The only single that spawned from it was “Trapped In A Box,” and ND do consider it a “flop,” but we can […]

David Cook imitating Rock Steady?

I love David Cook, and I got his album in the mail today…and was a little shocked at the album artwork…looks like Rock Steady! He has a set of photobooth pictures just like the band had for thier 2001 album, in black and red as well! How interesting, oh well, I love him, so I […]