Mother's Day Voters Think Gwen Is One Of The Best Celebrity Moms

According to a new Mother’s Day poll put together by, Gwen was voted one of the best celebrity mom’s out there today — getting 6% of the vote above Angelina Jolie. Down-to-earth Jennifer Garner was your pick for celeb best mom. Tied for second place were Reese Witherspoon and First Lady, Michelle Obama. Which […]

No Doubt Try To Give "Girl" Power To American Idol

So it seems that ND performance on American Idol is getting mixed reviews online, but the majority seem positive, and people are so glad that they are back. Gwen rocked out last night like it was a flashback to the Tragic Kingdom days — even looking the part as well! This was found on MTV […]

SPIN HQ Photos Added To Gallery

Yay! Thanks to Jebbi for sending in to us — we now have high quality images from the SPIN shoot of ND without the magazine creases and what not. They look great! Click here for the photos!

Paramore's Hayley Williams On Touring With No Doubt This Summer

Paramore’s lead singer Hayley Williams sat down with Entertainment Weekly about their upcoming album apparently, but mentioned how excited she is to head out on the road this summer with ND. She said she has only talking to Gwen so far, but the band seems extremely grounded. Hayley says that when her band found out […]

No Doubt Aim To Get Pregnant — Musically — On Tour This Summer

MTV Shows MTV just posted more coverage from The Today Show showing interviewed fans, and another chunk of the interview with MTV Raw about how they are looking for inspiration on the road for the new album. Adrian talks about how they are curious about Paramore and the energy they are bringing to the show […]

Video Spoilers: Bamboozle Festival — More Added!

Thank you so much to everyone who uploaded and shared! We owe you!

First Review In; Official Set List; Photos Added To The Gallery

It’s officially started! First off — I want to thank my loyal visitors for sticking with me last night. It was getting pretty intense for awhile! I kind of went through and straightened up the post a little, and now you can see what tonight’s post might resemble with Bamboozle. We have made a separate […]

Video Spoilers: Atlantic City, NJ — Merch Details — More Added!

DO NOT CLICK PLAY IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO WATCH! Thank you surfie79, jenpero, sillylina and jarthurnd! All incoming photos WILL be put behind a cut… I’m not sure what to do with the videos… what does everyone want me to do? EDIT! Over 10 videos have now been added behind the cut! And […]

Videos: New Interviews With No Doubt On MTV News RAW

Sorry that I can only embed them from MTV at the moment, so they might take a minute to load. I’ll add the YouTube links once they become available! They are currently (or were) in Atlantic City, New Jersey, getting ready for the tour! MTV Shows MTV Shows MTV Shows MTV Shows MTV Shows

May 2009 SPIN Magazine Scans And Article; Breakdown Added

THANK YOU SO MUCH MANDI FOR DONATING TO BSO! We deleted our last post cause it seems irrelevant now after Mandi submitted her scans to us. Wooooo! ND is on the upcoming May 2009 issue of SPIN magazine. Subscribers to the magazine — check your mailbox! We are just about to dive in and read […]

Happy Anniversary Return Of Saturn!

Everyone at BSO wants to wish a happy anniversary to No Doubt’s 4th studio released album, Return of Saturn! The album was released nine years ago today, and spawned three hit singles: “Ex-Girlfriend,” “Simple Kind of Life,” and “Bathwater” (“New is also featured on the album but was released previously.) The album will always be […]

New Fall 2009 L.A.M.B. Bags

Thanks to our good buddy Jillian, photos of the upcoming Fall season of L.A.M.B. handbags have hit the net — so cute! You can view the rest of the collection on and here. Last week we stopped by the Paul Wilmot Communications Fall 2009 press preview and caught a glimpse of next season’s LAMB […]

Gwen Shoots Elle Magazine Cover!

  Wooooah! Did anyone see this coming! It looks like Gwen was spotted in Los Angeles yesterday (I guess she didn’t head to Vegas after all…) shooting a Elle magazine cover! Eeeep! Thanks to Just Jared for posting, check out the outfits she is sporting…we are in LOVE with the whole rude girl/Clockwork Orange/glam theme […]

Week Three: Sanding The "V"

Taken from today’s entry on Dumont’s Guitars. Above, the Vector receives a fine sanding by hand. Please consider the binding which has been hand-cut and laid into place. The detail work is simply inspiring to me. Can’t wait to make music on that thing!

Official L.A.M.B. Store Stripped Down Online; Spring Line In Stores Now

Woah, just wanted to mention that has been completely stripped down, and nothing in available on the site as of now. Sorry, I’m not quite sure how long it’s been like that, but all it is saying is below. WELCOME TO L.A.M.B. ONLINE SPRING 09 COLLECTION NOW IN STORES! Odd.