The Voice airs every Monday and Tuesday nights at 8:00PM ET/PT on NBC. Season 12, featuring Gwen Stefani, kicks off with a two-night premiere on February 27 and 28, 2017.

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Welcome to our full coverage section for season 12 of The Voice starring Gwen. She returns to the iconic red chair as coach for the third time for the twelfth installment of NBC’s Emmy-winning singing competition reality show, The Voice. Gwen is joined alongside by veteran coaches Adam Levine of Maroon 5, country music star Blake Shelton and Grammy-winning R&B superstar Alicia Keys. Carson Daly is also returning as host.

Follow along with us during the season for the latest on Team Gwen’s progress with weekly tallies and highlights from The Voice.


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Links directly to to view full episodes from season twelve of The Voice. Our highlights from each show are also listed next to the corresponding episode and feature live Tweets, photos and more. Subscription services may be required to few past episodes.

[table]Episodes (via NBC), Highlights
Blind Auditions Premiere Night 1, Highlights (2/27/2017)
Blind Auditions Premiere Night 2, Highlights (2/28/2017)
Blind Auditions Premiere Night 3, Highlights (3/2/2017)
Blind Auditions Part 4, Highlights (3/6/2017)
Blind Auditions Part 5, Highlights (3/7/2017)
Blind Auditions Part 6, Highlights (3/13/2017)

Blind Auditions Part 7, Highlights (3/14/2017)

Best of the Blind Auditions, Highlights (3/15/2017)

The Battles Premiere, Highlights (3/20/2017)

The Battles Premiere Part 2, Highlights (3/21/2017)

The Battles Part 3, Highlights (3/27/2017)

The Battles Part 4, Highlights (3/28/2017)

The Knockouts Premiere, Highlights (4/3/2017)

The Knockouts Premiere Part 2, Highlights (4/4/2017)

The Knockouts Part 3, Highlights (4/10/2017)

The Road to the Live Shows, Highlights (4/11/2017)

Live Playoffs Night 1, Highlights (4/17/2017)

Live Playoffs Night 2, Highlights (4/18/2017)

Live Top 12 Performances, Highlights (4/24/2017)

Live Top 12 Eliminations, Highlights (4/25/2017)

Live Top 11 Performances, Highlights (5/2/2017)

Live Top 11 Eliminations, Highlights (5/1/2017)




Select full performances from all rounds of The Voice. Gwen performed alongside her fellow coaches and contestants on the show.



Performances and highlights from artists on Team Gwen over the season.

Blind Auditions

Battle Rounds

Knockout Rounds

Live Playoffs

Top 12

Top 11

Top 10

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Promos and Interviews

Promos released to promote The Voice including interviews and footage from season twelve.



Photos from episodes, events and shoots that the cast has participated in for season twelve of The Voice. Click on each thumbnail for more photos from each round and live performances.

[table], ,
‘One Happy Family’ Promo, Season 12 Promos, Season 12 Photo Shoot[/table]

[table], ,
Season 12 Press Junket, Blind Auditions, ‘Waterfalls’ Performance[/table]

[table], ,
Battle Rounds, Knockout Rounds, Live Playoffs (Night 1)[/table]

[table], ,
Live Playoffs (Night 2), Live Top 12 Performances, Live Top 12 Eliminations [/table]

[table], ,
Live Top 11 Performances, Team Gwen Performance, Live Top 11 Eliminations[/table]


Team Gwen

A tally of Team Gwen throughout season twelve of The Voice. Most recent updates are presented at the top.

Top 10

[table]Artist, Performed, Eliminated

Brennley Brown, ,
Hunter Plake, , [/table]

Top 11

[table]Artist, Performed, Eliminated

Brennley Brown, ‘River’, N/A
Hunter Plake, ‘All I Want’, N/A [/table]

Top 12

[table]Artist, Performed, Eliminated

Troy Ramey, ‘Free Fallin” , 4/25 (Top 12)
Brennley Brown, ‘Long Long Time’ , N/A
Hunter Plake, ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’, N/A [/table]

Blind Auditions – Current

[table]Artist, Performed, Joined, Eliminated
JChosen, ‘Sexual Healing’, 2/27 (Blinds), 4/18 (Live Playoffs)
Stephanie Rice, ‘Piece by Piece’, 2/27 (Blinds), 4/10 (Team Alicia)
Savannah Leighton, ‘Unconditionally’, 2/28 (Blinds), 3/21 (Battles)
Brandon Royal, ‘Master Blaster (Jammin’)’, 3/2 (Blinds), 4/10 (Knockouts)
Troy Ramey, ‘Wild World’, 3/6 (Blinds), 4/25 (Top 12)
Aaliyah Rose, ‘Rise Up’, 3/6 (Blinds), 4/4 (Team Blake)
Johnny Gates, ‘Maggy May’, 3/7 (Blinds), 4/18 (Live Playoffs) (Knockouts)
Caroline Sky, ‘Will You Love Me Tomorrow’, 3/7 (Blinds), 3/27 (Team Blake)
Kenny P, ‘Hello It’s Me’, 3/13 (Blinds), 3/20 (Battles)
Davina Leone, ‘Cheap Thrills’, 3/13 (Blinds), 3/28 (Team Adam)
Sammie Zonana, ‘Dangerous Woman’, 3/13 (Blinds), 3/21 (Battles)
Jozy Bernadette, ‘American Woman’, 3/14 (Blinds), 3/27 (Battles)
Brennley Brown, ‘Better Man’, 3/20 (Stolen – Battles), N/A
Hunter Plake, ‘Dancing on My Own’, 3/27 (Stolen – Battles), N/A
Quizz Swanigan‘Chains’, 4/3 (Stolen – Knockouts), 4/18 (Live Playoffs)