Photo courtesy of Urban Decay
Photo courtesy of Urban Decay

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Wende Zomni, co-founder of Urban Decay, announced in September 2015 that the makeup brand would be partnering with Gwen for their first-ever collaboration collection. Aptly titled The UD | Gwen Stefani Collection, UD and Gwen worked together for four to five months on the line because they wanted to “get every detail right.” Gwen had her hands on every aspect of the collection from the makeup itself to the packaging. She shared that she’s wanted to collaborate on a makeup line for years but it never felt like the right time.


Winter 2015

The first release from UDxGwen line was a limited edition eyeshadow palette featuring 12 shades that Gwen helped create and 3 traditional Urban Decay colors. The highly anticipated palette retailed for $58 and launched on November 22 on and their flagship stores (which sold out in less than 48 hours). Select beauty retailers, such as Sephora and Ulta, will release the palette on December 1. The palette features more nude and neutral shades than beauty lovers were expecting but Gwen shares that the line represents what she loves to wear on a daily basis. “I can’t really get away with [crazy colors]. I can if I have a makeup artist, a photographer and lighting. But not in real life; I want to make stuff for real life. I want to be able to take that on the plane, and that’s it.”

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Spring 2016

The second and spring collection of UD | Gwen Stefani Collection debuted on on January 12 featuring 8 new lipstick shades (with two being exclusives), 6 lip liner shades (with one being a exclusive), brow box and blush palette with a retail launch set for early February.

In a new interview with Allure, Gwen spoke about the new spring collection and admits that she created the line for herself. “I went through all my makeup and was like, OK, what are my must-haves? Not, like, fashion-shoot-type stuff, but just what I’m legitimately wearing every day.” Gwen says that she there isn’t one shade in the collection “isn’t true” to who she is and saying, “I didn’t consider anyone else—it was really about what I needed.”

On the black-and white and gold packaging, Gwen wanted to “create something that represented everything that I embodied” citing her “cute, wild, pop art, younger side”, which she calls her Harajuku Lovers side, and then “sophisticated, more designer, more chic” along the lines of her L.A.M.B. brand.

Even though this the second release in the collection, Gwen hints that there is a lot more on the way from the collaboration with Urban Decay saying “This is just the tip of the iceberg.”

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