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Founded in 2003, Gwen’s debut fashion label L.A.M.B. (an acronym for Love.Angel.Music.Baby.) debuted with the Spring collection in September 2004. The line made it’s Fashion Week on September 16, 2005 with its Spring 2006 collection. L.A.M.B. is most notable for it’s modern and unique takes on different cultures including English, Jamaican, Japanese, Guatemalan and Indian. The label continues to receive rave reviews from fashion’s highest critics and has evolved into a more sophisticated line over the years. Not only does L.A.M.B. put out trendy ready-to-wear, but shoes, handbags and accessories continue to be released. Gwen is still considered a power-player in the fashion industry for her always amazing and courageous sense of style. Gwen continues to be the Creative Director for L.A.M.B.

Gwen launched the line with stylist and friend Andrea Lieberman and with head designer Zaldy Goco. Zaldy continued to work on the label until Fall 2007. Paula Bradley stepped in as Design Director for L.A.M.B. in 2012 after prior freelance work with Gwen for 8 years.

The clothes were manufactured by Ska Girl LLC, which was founded in 2003 by L.A.M.B. president Ken Erman. Shortly after, L.A.M.B. partnered with manufacturer Schifter + Partners for a luxury handbag line in 2006. The label then shifted over to Artisan House, in an attempt to “mature” the line. The label eventually moved away from Artisan House (reportedly due to lack of sales) and is currently being manufactured by Titan Industries since early 2013.

Since its launch in 2004, L.A.M.B.’s annual gross has almost doubled in sales from $40 million a year to close to $90 million. The line has since collaborated with several established brands such as LeSportsac, Coty Inc., nOir jewelry, Burton Snowboards and inmates brand Hanky Panky. A high-end watch line including 39 pieces (which sold out in two days) came out of a collaboration deal with the Vestal Group. L.A.M.B. also released a successful line of footwear with Royal Elastics with Andrea Lieberman at the design helm. It was rumored that huge shoe companies such as Nike, Reebok and Adidas approached Gwen for a collection prior to her choosing Royal Elastics.

In 2008, Gwen was approached to have L.A.M.B. design uniforms for W Hotel’s bar staff. The cocktail dresses were made of washable black jersey and launched company wide in early 2009. L.A.M.B. also contributed to the FDIM Ruby Slipper Collection Exhibition in 2010 that featured 19 shoe designer participants (including Gwen) in celebration of the 70th Anniversary of Warner Bros.’ classic, The Wizard of Oz.

L.A.M.B. has become more and more scarce in retail stores over the years but the label recently launched its own e-commerce website with, providing fans a more direct way to get their hands on the latest from the label.

In January 2016, L.A.M.B. collaborated with Tura Inc. for an extensive line of optical frames and sunglasses. The collection will include 12 ophthalmic styles and 12 sunglasses ranging in cost from $150-$250 per pair.


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L.A.M.B. for LeSportsac, L.A.M.B. Shoes (Royal Elastics), L.A.M.B. Timepieces
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L Fragrance, L.A.M.B. for Apple Accessories, L.A.M.B. x nOir (Spring 2008)
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L.A.M.B. x Burton Snowboards, L.A.M.B. x Hanky Panky, L.A.M.B. Eyewear


L.A.M.B. for LeSportsac (2003-2004) In 2003, Gwen teamed up with handbag giants LeSportsac for an exclusive line which featured now iconic prints from the brand. Several seasons and styles were available.

L.A.M.B. Shoes (Royal Elastics) (2005) L.A.M.B. teamed up for an exclusive licensing partnership with Royal Elastics and released a line of footwear including boots, sneakers, wedges and shoes for women, men, children and infants. Gwen’s stylist and L.A.M.B. creative force Andrea Lieberman helped design the collection.

L.A.M.B. Timepieces (2006) A high-end luxury watch line released by Vestal Group included 39 timepieces and reportedly sold out nationwide in less than two days.

L Fragrance (2007) Gwen’s debut and only fragrance released under her L.A.M.B. label, L, was developed with perfumer Harry Fremont. The brand teamed with Coty Inc. in 2007 and released their own fragrance that smelled of “hyacinth, white freesia, fresh pear, violet, jasmine, rose, lily, sweet pea, orange blossom, peach, frangipani, heliotrope and musk”. Gwen is said to have contributed on everything, including artwork and campaigning, for the successful fragrance. The scent was promoted alongside Gwen’s second solo album, The Sweet Escape. An extensive promotional campaign was released including a commercial and print ads.

The fragrance came in 1.7 oz, 3.4 oz and boxsets that included lotions, shower gels, rollerballs, perfume compacts and body cremes.

L.A.M.B. for Apple Accessories (2009) It was announced during Fashion Week in September 2009 that Gwen was teaming up with Apple for a line of accessories including Macbook Pro cases in both 13″ and 15″, pouches and Macbook canvas tote. The limited edition laptop sleeves retailed for $49.99-$299.95 and were available online only. Harajuku Lovers cases were also released in December 2009 featuring signature prints starting at $34.95.

L.A.M.B. for nOir (2012) An exclusive L.A.M.B. for nOir jewelry collection which debuted in 2012. The collection was said to draw inspiration from “India as well as punk references”.

nOir also designed a special and exclusive jewelry collection for Gwen and her Spring 2008 fashion show.

L.A.M.B. x Burton Snowboards (2013) A highly anticipated Winter collection that included stylish jackets, vests, pants and beanies.

L.A.M.B. x Hanky Panky (2014) An exclusive collaboration with intimates brand Hanky Panky for a “music-inpsired” joint collection of lingerie, panties, bras and camisoles.

L.A.M.B. Eyewear (2016) Gwen had teamed up with Tura Inc. for new lines of both L.A.M.B. and Gx optical and sunglasses collections. The brands signed a “multiyear agreement” with Tura Inc. (which is “a leading designer, marketer and distributor of high quality fashion eyewear in North America”) and she thinks that collaborating with the company “was the right fit”. The first collections are expected to debut in 2016 and will include 12 ophthalmic styles and 12 sunglasses from each brand. The lines are said to be influenced by Gwen and her extensive personal collection.


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L.A.M.B. for W Hotels, L.A.M.B. Ruby Slippers, Gwen Stefani for Whatever It Takes

L.A.M.B. for W Hotels (2009) In 2008, Gwen was approached to have L.A.M.B. design uniforms for W Hotel’s bar staff. The cocktail dresses were made of washable black jersey and were said to have launched company wide in early 2009.

L.A.M.B. for FDIM Ruby Slippers Exhibit (2010) In 2010, Gwen joined alongside 19 famous shoe designers and took part in FDIM’s Ruby Slipper Collection in celebration of the 70th Anniversary of Warner Bros.’ The Wizard of Oz. “The fabric-swathed wooden stilettos all cinched up with a bow at the ankle” and sparkled in ruby red crystals.

Gwen Stefani for Whatever It Takes (2011) A limited edition line of handbags (including totes, makeup bags, wallets and pouches), tees, mugs and plates with custom designed artwork by Gwen. Produced and released by, all proceeds went to charity to benefit charitable projects in developing countries and to contribute to the protection of the environment.