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After drawing inspiration from the Japanese culture for it’s “kwaiiness”, Gwen teamed up with Jerry Leigh in 2005 for her second fashion and accessory line, Harajuku Lovers (原宿), first known as “Sub-L.A.M.B.” Stationary was also released and licensed by Nakajima USA.

Unlike L.A.M.B., Harajuku Lovers was a more casual and fun line deemed for tweens and young adults. The line blossomed during Gwen’s solo eras that seemed to correspond with her current singles (bananas was a huge deal around “Hollaback Girl”) and obviously heavily influenced by the Japan’s “Harajuku” district including her own entourage: Love, Angel, Music, and Baby.

Since it’s creation, Harajuku Lovers is known for it’s funky clothing, handbags, stationary, shoes, watches and fragrances. The line seemed to go on a small hiatus while Gwen focused more on music and other ventures. In December 2013, the brand’s website launched with a new look with limited edition t-shirt designs just in time for the holidays. Gwen revealed in 2014 interview that more is expected from the line in the year including a 52-episode cartoon and a new fragrance.

Gwen and her Harajuku brands teamed with Global Pursuit for a new licensing deal in June 2013. Based out of China, the new merchandising program is said to bring “toys, publishing, video games, apparel, accessories, stationery, housewares and food and beverage” and “promotional campaigns”. The Harajuku Lovers brand is currently managed by United Talent Agency (UTA).

Harajuku Lovers opened its first flagship store in Taipei’s Xinyi District, located in Taiwan, in June 2009. The store was opened as a “market test” in May after the line was supposedly bringing in $150-170 billion dollars.

The brand still continues to make an impact many years later with collaborations and capsule collections benefiting notable charities such as the American Red Cross.


Due to the amount and lack of archiving past seasons of Harajuku Lovers, they are split into categories. Click on the image for more!

hltee, hlbags, hlshoes
Apparel, Handbags, Shoes
hlwatch, hljewl, hlstat
Watches, Jewelry, Stationary
Japan Relief Limited Edition Tee [/table]

A limited line of products were also released to coincide with the fragrances including alarm clocks, beach coolers and beach towels.


[table]hlbanan, hlrasta, dec
November 2005, December 2005, January 2006

[table]hol14, summerflip, new_image
Holiday 2013, Summer 2015 Flip Flops, [/table]


[table]hlfrag1, hlsnow, finalsun
Debut, Snow Bunnies Collection, Sunshine Cuties Collection
wickedhl, hlgseas, hlsuper
Wicked Style Collection, G of the Sea, Super G
finaljingle, hl_elepop
Jingle G, Pop Electric

Harajuku Lovers Fragance debuted with a line of five scents inspired by each of the girls’ personalities, including Gwen (“G”) in 2008. A huge campaign (including television and print ads) were released shortly after to promote the new line. Perfume bottles were available in both 1 oz. and .33 oz. and were very successful. A set of solid perfumes were sold as a set.

Several variations of the fragrances were released over the years and the line was eventually discounted in 2010 with it’s final fragrance, “Jingle G”.

Harajuku Lovers Fragrances made their way back with the new Pop Electric line debuting on HSN in October 2014.

Collaborations and Brands

[table]hlshoes, hpcamera, samsungphone
Harajuku Lovers Shoes, Harajuku Lovers Hp Digital Camera, Harajuku Lovers Tour Limited Edition Samsang Mobile Phone

hlapple, hldanny, hlheadphones
Harajuku Lovers Apple Accessories, Harajuku Lovers + Danny Roberts, Harajuku Lovers Headphones

hlcandy, hltweezers, nov11
Harajuku Lovers Candy, Harajuku Lovers by Tweezerman, Harajuku Mini

hugs, swaddle, stickers
Harajuku Hugs, aden + anais Special Edition Designer Collection, Harajuku Lovers BBM Stickers

[table]qq, chasing, harajuku_petco
Harajuku Lovers x Q&Q SmileSolar, Harajuku Lovers for Chasing Fireflies, Harajuku Lovers for Petco[/table]

[table]redhot, new_image, new_image
Red Hot Collection!, , [/table]

Harajuku Lovers Shoes Gwen teamed with Royal Elastics again for a range of shoes for Harajuku Lovers. Shoe designer Celine Ouaknine confirmed the line was being discontinued in March 2011 after releasing a line of jelly sandals for the summer. Its said that they were discontinued due to lack of profit.

Harajuku Lovers Watches A successful line of timepieces were released by Harajuku Lovers for children and adults. The collection came in a variety of styles and were sold notably at Nordstrom and other high-end retailers.

Harajuku Lovers Hp Digital Camera (2005) It was announced in May 2005 that Hp was releasing a limited edition Harajuku Lovers Photosmart R607 digital camera. Only 3,000 were produced and retailed for $249. The camera had a custom design and “styled in turquoise and white with maroon-colored accents, including hearts and Japanese kanji and katakana characters.” Fans were given multiple chances to win one and Gwen also showcased the camera personally on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live and during the 2005 CES convention in Las Vegas.

The 4.1 megapixel camera included a stylish case and charm designed by Gwen, a wrist strap with a heart-shaped charm, a DVD featuring interviews with Gwen and music videos, wallpapers and more.

Fans may also recognize the camera from the “Hollaback Girl” video in which Gwen uses it at the very beginning.

Harajuku Lovers Tour Limited Edition Mobile Phone (Samsung) (2005) A special limited edition Verizon Wireless a970 Samsung mobile phone was released to coincide with the Harajuku Lovers Tour in 2005. The phone featured a gold case covered in “B-A-N-A-N-A-S” and “Hollaback Girl” lyric references.

Harajuku Lovers for Apple Accessories (2009) During New York Fashion Week in September 2009, it was announced that Gwen was teaming up with Apple for a line of Macbook Pro cases and accessories with L.A.M.B. In December, a collection of cases from Harajuku Lovers were revealed and were available online only for $39.95 for either 13″ and 15″.

Harajuku Lovers + Danny Roberts (2010) A limited edition line of handbags and tees that were released as a collaboration with artist Danny Roberts in 2010. Their partnership resulted in a collection of instantly recognizable designs that featured an interesting and fabulous take on classic Harajuku art. Gwen emailed and approached Danny for the mini limited edition line.

Harajuku Lovers Headphones by Monster (2011) Harajuku Lovers teamed up with Monster (behind Dr. Dre’s Beats) for an exclusive line of in-ear headphones in 2011. Select styles were available at Target and Amazon ranging in $49 (Super Kawaii), $59 (Wicked Style) and $79 (Space Age G). All sets included adorable carrying gear for the in-ear headphones and some styles included interchangeable bodies and cases.

Harajuku Lovers Candy by Dylan’s Candy Bar (2011) A line of Harajuku Lovers chocolate bars and marshmallow candy was released exclusively by Dylan’s Candy Bar in 2011. The products range from $1.50 per bar up to $12.50 for the Harajuku Lovers set which included the marshmallow set, 1 Harajuku Hard Candy set and 4 chocolate bars. The bars came in ‘G’ Espresso Milk Chocolate and ‘Love’ Raspberry Dark Chocolate.

Harajuku Lovers for Tweezerman (2011) Tweezerman announced a limited edition collection with Harajuku Lovers in 2011. The cute product line included tweezers, nail files and compact mirrors ($4-$25). The collection hit Target and Sephora stores nationwide and was spotted in magazines including Teen Vogue.

Harajuku Mini (2011-present) A line for children and tweens launched exclusively with Target in 2011 that expanded to apparel, accessories, stationary and even bedding. The line has since moved to buybuy BABY for Fall 2014.

Harajuku Hugs (2013) An exclusive partnership with Build-A-Bear was announced in 2012 and debuted in January the following year with Harajuku Hugs. A line of cute and cuddly stuffed friends were available (including Harajuku Hugs Panda, Happy Hugs Teddy and Vanilla Cream Bunny) alongside kawaii accessories to dress them up in.

The line was expanded later in the summer and was a huge hit both online and in select Build-A-Bear stores nationwide.

aden + anais Special Edition Designer Collection (2014) Harajuku Lovers has teamed with (RED) for a new aden + anais Special Edition Designer Collection 3-pack pre-washed organic cotton muslin swaddles.

Harajuku Lovers BBM Stickers (2014) BlackBerry Mobile released a pack of Harajuku Lovers themed stickers for $1.99.

Harajuku Lovers x Q&Q SmileSolar (2015) Harajuku Lovers teamed up with Q&Q SmileSolar for a limited edition of watches available exclusively at and select stores. All 9 unisex pieces retail for $50 each and are made from both new and used recycled materials and are finished with a waterproof casing. Like all Q&Q products, the watches are solar powered and can last up to three months on a single charge. The collection also features many of Gwen’s signature prints such as polka dots, houndstooth, stripes and bright neon colors. Fans may notice that a few styles take after Gwen’s recent singles such as “Baby Don’t Lie”.

Harajuku Lovers for Chasing Fireflies (2015) Harajuku Lovers teamed with children’s boutique Chasing Fireflies for an exclusive collection of costumes just in time for fall. The collection included both a “Harajuku Lovers® Zombie Girl Costume” and “Harajuku Lovers® Kawaii Candy Fairy Princess”. Both costumes also had their own set of kawaii accessories and were sold exclusively online.

Harajuku Lovers for Petco (2015-2016) Gwen and her Harajuku Lovers team partners with Petco for an exclusive limited edition line of accessories and clothing for pets. Special spa packages were also available in select Petco grooming salons “featuring custom shampoo and conditioner, fashion “pawlish” and fashionable accessories from the Harajuku Lovers pet collection.”

Red Hot Collection! (2016) Harajuku Lovers partnered with People Shop for a small capsule collection featuring an adorable Baggu x Harajuku Lovers canvas tote (available in two colors), a full set of Pop Electric Fragrances and a box of Custom Maggie Louise x Harajuku Lovers Confections including designs hand-picked by Gwen. All items were available exclusively via People Shop with 20% of all proceeds benefiting American Red Cross Home Fire safety prevention program through November 9, 2016.

Kuu-Kuu Harajuku

It was first announced in 2014 that Gwen would be working on a new animated series featuring G and the Harajuku Girls (Love, Angel, Music and Baby) and it is set to be distributed worldwide by DHX Media. DHX Media’s Josh Scherba said of the new series, “Kuu-Kuu Harajuku is fun, energetic and unique, and the inspiration for the series draws from a range of cultures as well as Gwen’s own distinct visual imagination.”

In Kuu-Kuu Harajuku, the protagonists echo the unique style and magic of the original Harajuku Girls with animated heroines Love, Angel, Music and Baby forming HJ5: a band driven by their inspirational leader, G. The girls are super talented, but every gig is interrupted by a fantasy driven wild-card before the first note is ever played. Angry aliens, no-fun politicians, invading creatures and cute monster pets all cause cancellations, but G and her friends never give up. (Animation Magazine)

Gwen calls the series a “dream come true” and a licensing deal with Mattel is said to release a line of dolls and toys that will bring the series to life.