New Harajuku Mini Coming Soon

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Harajuku Mini shared on Facebook a few days ago that fans can expect a new line just in time for back-to-school shoppers at the end of this month and early August in Target stores.

Nothing more has been revealed yet about the new collection but last year’s line included cute clothes, accessories and school supplies. We’ll keep you posted and try to share sneak peeks when they come in.

3 Replies to “New Harajuku Mini Coming Soon”

  1. Jenny do you know how the line is doing, sales wise? I went to my local Target and could not find any clothes. Is it doing that bad?

    1. As far as I’ve heard, the line is still pretty successful but it might be more of a hit in some areas than others. I think part of the problem is the availability of the items… in some you just can find it anywhere.

      The items have been known to sell out quickly which I think is a great thing! Hopefully you’ll see more of it hitting shelves (and staying there) when the new stuff comes out soon.

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