List of Targets with Harajuku Mini Bedding

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Harajuku Mini has just shared a preliminary list of Target stores that are said to be carrying the new bedding line and it’s pretty disappointing. Only select Target stores received the line and there are no plans on releasing it online. Hopefully some fans can pick up some items and below are also some more DCPI numbers which might make it a little easier to track the collection.

606-03-0568 Comforter $32.99
060-03-0570 Sheets $21.99
060-03-0567 Blanket $24.99
060-03-0571 Throw $14.99
060-03-0569 G cuddle pillow $19.99

6 Replies to “List of Targets with Harajuku Mini Bedding”

  1. well that stinks. i don’t live any where near those listed in Indiana or Illinois. there may not eb any plans right now to relase them online or in other places, but I’m guessing that they will. After all, everything ends up online some place at some point.

  2. And I was hoping that since they are expanding into the Canadian market, that they would have at least one store carrying it when they open. I hope Harajuku Mini, in any form, at least makes it past the border. :\

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