Harajuku Mini Messenger Bags On Sale At Target This Week

Thanks so much to ImANoDoubtFreak4Ever for sharing, it looks like the new line of Harajuku Minis messenger bags are going to be on sale starting tomorrow (July 17) at Target! They normally retail for $19.99 (excluding backpacks), but will be on sale for $15 each just in time for back to school. There are apparently a total of 6 different bags from the line as well (we have been only told of two!) and thanks to the GwenStefaniFan for sharing as well, here are some item numbers for the bags that you can use to find them easier! Let us know if you find any bags in your local stores!

Harajuku Jersey Messenger Bag: 069-00-0932

Harajuku Plaid Backpack: 069-00-0933

Harajuku Jersey Backpack: 069-00-0960

Harajuku Nerdy Printed Backpack: 069-00-0934

Harajuku Plaid Messenger Bag: 069-00-0959

Harajuku G Tote: 069-00-0961

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