Set Lists and Tour Archive

The following is an archive of No Doubt and Gwen Stefani’s show dates and set lists for tours ranging from 1987-2015. Dates, locations, venues and photos (if available) are provided, too.

Huge thank you goes to the No Doubt Tour and Set List Archive for the information up to 2004. If you decide to use on your website, please provide credit where credit is due. This archive has taken us a very long time to get up and organized.

You can now search for concerts by year or tour by using the photo guide below (blank images have no scheduled dates). Find all upcoming shows under 2015.

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Seven Night Stand
2009_set 2008_set 2007_se
Summer Tour The Sweet Escape World Tour
2006_set 2005_set 2004_set
Harajuku Lovers Live Tour The Singles Tour / Radio Show Tour
2003_set 2002_set 2001_set
Promo MTV's TRL Club Tour / Rock Steady World Tour / Rolling Stone's LICKS Tour U2's Elevation Tour
2000_set 1999_set 1998_set
Return of Saturn World Tour West Coast Club Tour Mini Hawaiian Tour
1997_set 1996_set 1995_set
Tragic Kingdom World Tour Bush's Sixteen Stone Tour / Pre-Tragic Kingdom Club Tour Open The Gate Club Tour / Warped Tour
1994_set 1993_set 1992_set
Trapped In A Box US Tour
1991_set 1990_set 1989_set
1988_set 1987_set

We are always looking to complete our archive, so please feel free to submit any information you may have! Did we miss something or do you have a set list from a show that’s not listed? If you would like to contribute, please email Jenny. Thank you in advance!