X Factor’s Katie Waissel “Trying Out A No Doubt Sound” In Gigs

Metro — X Factor’s Katie Waissel has taken a leaf out of Gwen Stefani’s book and has revealed how she has been experimenting with an early No Doubt sound at gigs.

The singer became one of the least popular contestants on the ITV talent show last year and was even booed by the studio audience during shows.

Her unpopularity on the X Factor hasn’t put her off pursuing her dreams of making it in the music business though.

Speaking to Metro about the gigs she’s been doing recently, Katie said: ‘All the Waissel Warriors have come along. I do some of the songs I sang on the show and I’ve been doing my own material.

‘It’s sort of like an early No Doubt sound, I’m a fan of ska and rock but I love jazz so there’s some of that on it. It’s a mixture of everything.’

Katie suffered a huge backlash from the press and public while on the X Factor, being dubbed a ‘desperate wannabe’.

She confessed she is still unsure as to why she was so unpopular, but her family and fans on Twitter helped her get through the rough ride.

‘I’m just a human being with a passion for music. I was nervous when I left the show but people’s reactions have been wonderful.’

Katie Waissel is currently on the X Factor Live Tour with fellow contestants from the 2010 finals.

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