Update: Famous Band House On Beacon Ave. SOLD!

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Thanks to OC Weekly for Tweeting asking if we were the ones who bought it, LOL, but we come with an update on the Beacon Ave. house that was for sale. It’s been sold… to a person who has no idea who No Doubt is! We don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Apparently it was someone who had lived down the street and just thought the house was in an excellent location. And we are happy to say that it didn’t sell for less than the asking price. Congratulations to the new owners of the famous Band House!

We also want to thank all the fans who went to the open house this last weekend and sent in videos and photos, we will have them up soon to share with everyone!

Oh yeah, and we were also told that the “Sunday Morning” house, where Gwen and Eric’s grandparents used to live, will be up for sale soon as well.

OC Weekly — According to comments left by real estate agent Chuck Ohlwine of First Team Real Estate, the home has been sold. The Beacon Street house is now in escrow and was sold for “not less than asking price.”

Ohlwine tells us that the home was on the market for 18 days but it sold at 11:20 a.m. the first day the house was open to the public.

The buyer, actually, had no idea who No Doubt was. “There was a neighbor down the street who just liked the location,” Ohlwine says. “But we had a good number of fans come by. I tried to get as many people to the open house as possible because when buyers see a lot of people at the open house, it might motivate them to give a better price.”

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