Check It Out: Gabe And Steve Performed On New Sublime With Rome Album, “Yours Truly”

Pretty exciting! I was looking for some sort of an excuse to blog about the release and maybe promote it a little bit, and I guess it worked out! Turns out that Gabe McNair and Steve Bradley appear on the debut album of Sublime with Rome, Yours Truly. You can hear them on a few songs on the album, including their lead single, “Panic”. The album is amazing by the way and if you’re a huge Sublime fan (with our without Rome), you will enjoy it and I recommend picking up the release. I actually found out the information on Gabe and Steve from an album review, which you can check out the excerpt below. It’s so awesome to hear that the No Doubt crew are still involved with the band since they have been such great friends over the years. And oh yeah, I also recommend checking out Sublime with Rome during their summer tour, they are amazing live and I’m excited to see them again for the second time soon. For huge Sublime fans like myself that never had the chance to see them after Bradley Nowell’s passing, it’s such an amazing treat.

The Pier — The album features guest appearances, both musically & vocally, courtesy of DJ Rocky Rock, Horns by No Doubt, back-up vocals by Aimee Allen on You Better Listen and Hip Hop artist Wiz Khalifa on the Reggae-Hip Hop jammer that closes the album out with Can You Feel It; the albums sole reference to smoking herb.

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