Video: “Looking Hot” Live on the American Music Awards

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Click here for photos from the performance.

Check out No Doubt’s live performance of “Looking Hot” from the American Music Awards that just aired on ABC. This was probably one of their best performances yet of the year (and we loved the flames!) What did you think?

36 Replies to “Video: “Looking Hot” Live on the American Music Awards”

  1. I don’t know… Judging by the Red Carpet pics, and this performance, I’d say Gwen seemed extremely pissed off… (And I’m always the one to LOVE whatever they do) :-/

  2. BEST PERFORMANCE OF THE SONG YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can’t wait for HQ version!!!!! maybe it’s just my computer skipping?? THEY. SOUND. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. IT’S SO GOOD YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’VE WATCHED 4 TIMES NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i LOVE LOVE LOVE how as soon as they start the whole audience stands! YEAH, BITCHES, BOW DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Uh, I agree with Doodle. Dustin….you are kidding, right?

    This was an incredible performance…so much better than the EMAs. They all looked amazing and looked like they were having so much fun!!!!

    Loved it!!!!!

  5. she DID fill out a touch and looks great. and if she performs like this when she is pissed… i’m all for it! what energy!!!

  6. Great performance! Not crazy about Gwen’s outfit, but love her hair and makeup. I was hoping this would help the single, but I still don’t see it on the iTunes charts… 🙁

  7. LOL so I am not allowed to speak my mind that is one thing I have always hated about other No Doubt fans you say something they dont agree with and they jump down your throat it was an observation my perasonal opinion and Im not going anywhere……..

    1. Speaking your mind is one thing but saying something about someones weight and saying they look better “bone” thin is another matter and that should be common sense.

  8. Dustin, you are more than welcome to speak your mind, and I let a lot of comments slide on here, but since the band are avid visitors of BSO, personal comments about their weight and appearances which can come across as mean I will have not on here. I hope you understand.

  9. really “avid visitors”? cool…then gwen should check out my blog that’s dedicated to her style! “take a chance you stupid ho. take a chance cause you might grow.” 😀 hugs and kisses

  10. I thought it was a fantastic performance. I still love the Ellen one the most, because everyone just exuded confidence a few months ago, which boded so well for all of them, but especially Gwen vocally. I commend them for being so captivating despite still seeming like they’re still, understandably, in somewhat of a funk. It was veiled well for those who wouldn’t know. Tony and Adrian were ON FIRE. If only they were given that presence on the album!

    Everyone was off on timing at the beginning, which was hilarious (Gwen came in late on her cue, Tony was hit the wrong key at one point in the first verse, and either Stephen or Gabe (whoever was playing the synth organ) hit an entirely wrong-chord, but this was all in the beginning, and obviously due to nerves. Plus, it’s completely understandable, and the fact that they’re actually a REAL LIVE BAND means they’re allowed to make mistakes — it made the performance even more authentic. Sure, they obviously have a click-track and Gwen’s background vocals on really low, but those are much needed.

    To the only legit “Pop” group still around: you should be very proud of this performance. You were by far the most engaging of all of the performers without any unnecessary bull$hit, and your standing ovation at the end was much deserved. People in the business are clearly rooting for you — now just tell Ivoine and (and please convince Jim) to take a hint that the wrong single is being “pushed” (“Push and Shove” has seemed like the most obvious choice for a million reasons from the get-go), and I don’t think LH will ever catch on in a big way — not because it didn’t have the potential to, but the circumstances surrounding it, which just suck and aren’t going to change, make it so.

    I think you guys should immediately go full-fledged with “Push and Shove” (basically, only requiring a new radio edit like the one you do live that’s so incredible (I mean, Tony could probably make it), sending that radio edit for adds on all formats ASAP and simultaneously to iTunes until at least early next year, and leaving the video as is). You can shake off the bad juju from the entire past month right away, and while you’re having a blast doing the Gibson shows, your much-deserved commercial success may be on the horizon! If it’s entirely out of your hands at this point, I understand. I still love the album no matter what, and it was worth the wait. We know you’re pleased with the album, or at least as it was pre-mixing (Gwen), and that’s important, and it’s also good that most of your fans love it. But for such a massively popular group — worldwide Pop/Rock icons — who clearly made an album aimed at a pleasing a popular audience, well, the radio visibility and digital sales suck, but I don’t think it’s over yet. Even if you all have to piss off some people right now Beacon Street-style, they’ll be thanking you later. I truly do think that with “Push and Shove,” and punchier radio mixes of OMS, Easy, and Undercover (or Dreaming), this album could have huge legs and still be a massive success — but we’re living in a world of instant gratification now, whether we like it or not, and things need to happen fast. Screw e-folio — I’m sure you guys have the stems, so do the mix like the live version (which is fucking awesome), get Jim to call All Access and FMBQ, send out CDRs or get an MD list and send out the WAV and MP3s, and upload the single via iTunes Connect :).

    Anyway, just my opinion, and obviously I don’t know the whole story, but I miss the confidence, and it totally sucks not having all of my friends — not even aware of the fact that you have new material out — enjoying the new album as much as I am.

  11. Doom, for some reason I can’t quote you using Chrome, but Push and Shove sounds freaking AWESOME live! I understand why they thought it would be hard to perform, but surprisingly, they pull it off with such ease, and have a blast doing so! Of the three new songs we’ve heard them perform, it translates the best live, not only because it sounds great (due to tremendous practice, I’m sure), but also because it comes off as so natural, and like I said, it looks like they have so much fun doing it. Plus, the crowd response to the two performances was insane! Check it out live on Youtube — especially the one in Paris.

    Someone said this on the official form regarding the album, and specifically the singles, and I think it’s worth re-posting:
    P&S the track sounds totally fresh. If they wanted to take the pop route, they should [be] more cutting
    edge as they are on that track and always have been in the past. That [would].. .separat[e] them
    from the crowd and possibly got them noticed again, and for that reason I don’t understand why P&S [isn’t]
    made a single.

  12. I still don’t see P&S being the big radio success that everyone here thinks it would be, but I’m willing to go with the flow and officially ask them to release it. So No Doubt, if you’re reading this, put out P&S! You already have a video for it and it kicks ass live. And for Christs sake BOOK SNL! 🙂

  13. I agree with Amanda G Push and Shove really needs to be a single! Music Video Countdowns need to know of Push and Shove, that would be killing the charts

    There is EW’s grade of the performance which was one of the lowest rated of all of them. I definitely don’t think No Doubt was a stand out, let’s face it that song is not so good. But I thought the performance was good. I would give it a B.
    And also, I don’t think P&S would have went anywhere as a single. Settle Down was by far the best mainstream sounding hit and it had mediocre success. I don’t think they will score any more charting songs of this album. Time to make a Rock Steady 2.0 next year!

  15. Ok, I watched all the other performances earlier today and they all sounded awful (with the exception of Pink, Carrie and Kelly). Most could not sing at all and the ones who could were hitting all the wrong notes. So the fact that these sites are rating No Doubt low makes me nuts. Obviously EW has a problem with bands because they rated Linkin Park low too. Just because ND have backup dancers, guest stars, and elaborate sets doesn’t mean they aren’t good… Consumers are too used to the glitz and the glamour when it comes to music and not the quality… I mean, EW gave PITBULL a B+ and he has got to be one of the worst things to ever hit the music industry.

  16. I agree, Amanda. I definitely think No Doubt should have been scored higher and others (like Pitbull) should have been ranked lower.

  17. I agree that most of those acts shoulve have been graded way lower. But I also agree that No Doubt’s performance was roughly a C+. Gwen’s vocals were still really flat, but at least she didn’t constantly gasp for air and sound winded.

    It’s just so disheartening to see all of these lackluster performances when not that long ago we were treated to consistent performances. Ones like this which showcase the whole band’s musical talents, and Gwen’s ability to sing live on key, with good pitch and hit the notes.

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