Tips on Picking Up Harajuku Mini Bedding

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So, many fans might have already picked up on how difficult it’s been to track down the new Harajuku Mini bedding items that was scheduled to hit select Target stores this past Sunday. Several fans have been tipping us off on the availability of the items in their areas. As of now, it seems like most stores are expecting the items to “hitting shelves this week” or “soon”. Target employees have been saying they won’t know if they are a selected store to receive the new bedding collection until it shows up on the delivery truck, which is common. Fortunately, some lucky fans have been able to pick up some of the items and sent us over some product information, including item numbers, that might make it a little easier to contact your local Target to see if the line is available near you. Sadly, the bedding collection will not be sold online or guaranteed to be available in all stores. If you’ve been able to pick it up, leave your Target store’s location which might help out fellow fans looking for stuff!

Thank you so much to Shana for sending in product information and we’ll keep our post updated with the latest.

Product item numbers:

G pillow: 060-030-569

Twin sheet set: 060-030-570
Comforter: 060-030-568

A few item barcodes: 073558680000, 073558679981, 073586679325

9 Replies to “Tips on Picking Up Harajuku Mini Bedding”

  1. Hey guys I just checked my target, Huntington Beach, CA. No bedding…. They typed in some of the item numbers provided above, and the system showed no matches at all for stores in orange or LA counties. The item numbers aren’t even in the system. They couldn’t tell me any other info….

    Any one else have any luck in OC?

  2. Btw.. While searching for information online, I stumbled across the same photos above on another site. The description states that the target store these HM photos were taken at, is located in MINNESOTA!

  3. I was able to punch in the DPCI at an LA Target and it shows up with details of the item, so it is in the system, but shows not available. I also called some LA Targets and no stock found when giving them the DPCI. What is going on with this? Poor planning

  4. Monique, Shana is located in Minnesota. I Tweeted her back about the exact location if you still need it.

    I checked my two local Seattle Target stores (Federal Way and Southcenter) and neither stores had the products or placements for them. Total bummer! I really hope it’s not this hard to find…

  5. I Live in th LA area, and nothing so far… 🙁
    and the list of targets stores listed doesnt seem to have any location in california with the bedding collection… kinda sad

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