Exclusive: Harajuku Mini Luggage At Target

Dave texted me earlier this afternoon some of the first photos of Harajuku Mini luggage that is now hitting Target stores! He also gave me the prices of the following items! The prices are pretty good and we are in love with the new line!

Makeup bag – $7.99
Luggage tag – $3.99
Flight bag – $24.99
Luggage – $49.99

4 Replies to “Exclusive: Harajuku Mini Luggage At Target”

  1. I can’t locate this luggage at Target or anywhere online. What I am looking for is the direct link to buy it. Using Target’s link I am unable to locate it. We are interested in the $49.99 luggage from Gwen Stepani, the Harauku Mini Brand. Shown on this page as the top picture (luggage not bag). PLease forward me this link as soon as you can so I can purchase! Thank you! Diana

  2. Found and bought my luggage today! I am in love with the Harajuku line!!!!

    Target had a wrong price, I got my luggage for $25!!!

  3. Does anybody know where i can get the Harajuku mini luggage at Target. I think they ran out. If you have an extra one you want to sell please let me know. My granddaughter wants one badly. And she’s only 5 1/2 years old

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