alan meade


first in the horns section, then jumped on lead vocals with gwen after former frontman John Spense commited suicide in december of 1987. he left the band in 1988 due to his pregnant girlfriend.

alex henderson


former horn player for the group. Left to join the world-famous Latin-jazz legend, Poncho Sanchez and his band for a two year world tour. He is no longer with Poncho Sanchez.

chris leal

1986-march 1987

friend of the band that played bass for them until Tony kanal joined in march.

chris webb


former drummer of the band, and quit thinking the band wasn’t going to ammount to anything.

don Hammerstedt


former horn player for the group. Don Was forced to choose between touring with the band to promote their first album and therefore loosing his house or leave the band and keep his house. He chose for his house (he was the only bandmember at that time not living at home) and he left to pursue a career as a studio musician.

eric carpenter


former horn player for the group. Left to return to Cal State Fullerton in the spring of 1994 to resume his studies for a Major in Journalism. Eric is currently a reporter with The Orange County Register.

eric stefani


At an early age Eric Stefani had two passions that were obvious. One was drawing, he seemed to draw very well growing up. The other, that was painfully obvious for the Stefani house hold was music, in particular playing the family piano. It seems it may have been a natural talent. He would pound out tunes and wake his sister Gwen. Gwen was more interested in other things but was coaxed into singing while her brother played the piano. Childhood memories that remain are of taking the white stuff out of the Oreo and making a big ball of it. “Stick it in the Hole” was Eric’s very first song that he wrote about a pencil sharpener. Since then he has penned so many songs I can not list them all. Eric could play the piano and write but he needed someone to sing so he had Gwen play along.

While in high school Eric discovered the English ska band Madness. He picked up the album “Baggy Trousers” and found his outlet. He practiced and practiced. Soon he could play the songs by ear and he needed Gwen more than ever. Along with his friend John Spence and Gwen the band known today as “No Doubt” was born in 1986. By the end of the summer of ’86 Chris Webb, Chris Leal and a guitarist named Gerald joined the threesome and perfected some ska tunes in the Stefani garage.

On December 31, 1986 they played a party as their very first show. A few months later they opened at Fender’s in Long Beach, California as part of a fourteen band show that was headlined by “The Untouchables”. Tony Kanal attended the show and a few weeks later joined the band after an audition. The band became known in the underground music scene of Southern California as a great show and they were scheduled to play the Roxy shortly after Christmas of 1987. As the band prepared for the show Eric’s best friend John contemplated suicide. Unknowingly John was not very happy. “I wish I could have done something.” Eric told VH-1’s Behind the Music. “I think a lot of it might have had to do with the pressure,” he added. John took his own life on December 21, 1987 and the band was uncertain about the future.

After mulling over the future they band pulled together and moved on. Over the next few years No Doubt lost a few members and were eventually completed with Tom Dumont and Adrian Young. Eric, the elder statesman of the band was the chief songwriter and taught most of the band how to perform as a group. He wrote on subjects he had interest in like love and making it in the big city. He even wrote a song about a super model! The hard work payed off as Tony Ferguson from Interscope signed the band to a multi album deal after seeing the band perform. “No Doubt”(self titled) was recorded during October of 1991 then the band hit the road.

They traveled the West Coast and started to go East. Away from home the crowds were much smaller. Their album was not even available in some cities and made the crowds even smaller. But even with that fact they still played and finished the tour. Eric went to work writing more after coming home. When they took songs to Interscope they would be turned down because it seemed they needed more work. Matthew Wilder was sent to give the band direction and it didn’t please Eric. He became a part time layout artist for the Fox series “The Simpsons”. After seeing his songs fined tuned by the new producer he became more and more disenchanted with the band. “That period was an educational period. Because it was growing and learning to play by the rules of the record company.” Eric said of seeing Matthew come and tighten the newly penned lyrics he was working on.

In 1994 Eric bowed out of No Doubt and turned to “The Simpsons” full time. Eric still helped Gwen and Tony pour emotions on to paper and assisted in songs that helped send the band to super star status. In the past six years Eric has been in and out of the animation business. He has not been able to avoid the rumor mill. It was rumored that Eric would join friend and former No Doubt member Phil Jordan in forming a “dixie land” band. A rumor which turned out to be false. When Eric helped the band writing the past year during the making of “Return of Saturn” it appeared to some people he might rejoin the band. Not True. He did help Gwen and Tony finish the song “Staring Problem” but no more than that.

Currently Eric has been laying low. He is a quiet man, not starving for attention. He collaborated with Phil on a few drawings that can be seen on Phil’s online studio as well as designing the logo for Ska Parade, a ska related web site. Eric also joined No Doubt in Hawaii in May of 1998 when the band opened for his musical idols Madness. Eric is hoping to write and illustrate a a children’s book as well as working on some independent cartoon strips. He helped shape the band to what it is today and don’t rule him out with helping in any shape or form in the future.

gabe gonzalez


former horn player for the group, left due to him moving to the east coast.

Jerry McMahon


guitars for the group, until tom took over in 1988. he was also cousins with former bassist Chris Leal.

john spence

1986-december 1987

former lead singer of the band, he commited suicide in an Anaheim park on December 21, 1987.

paul casely


former horn player for the group

phil jordan


former trumpet player for the group, Left to go back to school after recording some tracks on Tragic Kingdom.

tony meade


former horn player for the group

thanks to mike for the info