No Doubt 'Giddy' About Summer Tour; New Record

No Doubt sat down with MTV yesterday for a new interview regarding the upcoming tour and album. Again, nothing new really in this article so far, just mentioning that the band is calling this the “procrastination” and “inspiration” tour. The album is reportedly coming out in 2010, which when is mentioned to the band, they […]

Receive No Doubt's Entire Digital Catalog For Free With Online Ticket Purchase

I know we already posted this awhile ago, but No Doubt finally made a statement about it and clairified what exactly we will be getting, alot! Taken from this evening. Fans purchasing the top tier ticket price levels will get No Doubt’s entire music career! Just Announced: Fans purchasing top price level tickets online […]


Adrian was voted Sexiest Musician by Playgirl magazine! Loveline’s website posts the podcasts the next day, so it will probably be up to download tomorrow afternoon. I’m listening right now, and so far Adrian admitted that his favorite show is HBO’s Weeds, and has never seen Family Guy. The host also played a name that […]