Videos: Past Super Bowl Performances

Happy Super Bowl XLVII Sunday everyone! Even if you’re not a fan of football or the big game, we can all remember No Doubt’s memorable performance during the XXXVII half time show where they blew audiences away with “Just a Girl” and a once-in-a-lifetime duet with Sting covering The Police’s “Message in a Bottle”. Though […]

Push and Shove Wiki Updates

Just wanted to mention that we updated the Push and Shove Wiki this afternoon so that it’s all current! We’ve also went back and added all magazine articles and scans that we had available for the era (including all of the current ones, too.) Remember that anyone can help us edit and maintain the Wiki […]

GJ² Guitars Debuting Zora Model at NAMM

Orange County guitar makers GJ² have announced that they will be debuting their Zora models during the upcoming NAMM convention this Winter. Tom had both an input in the design and technical processes of this model and it sounds like it’s been another amazing collaboration. Fans might recognize this prototype since Tom has been

Poll: What Was Your Favorite Moment of 2012?

What was your favorite moments of 2012? It’s already the end of the year and what a year it has been! No Doubt released their long awaited new album, Push and Shove which has so far spawned singles “Settle Down”, “Looking Hot” and “Push and Shove.” Now we want to know what your favorite moment […]

Mean Street (December 1995)

Do you believe in tragic? No Doubt finally put out their second album this year. What was the hold-up? Nothing really… Only a lousy record company, the departure of their main songwriter and the end of a love affair between the group’s longest lasting members. By Aidin Vaziri. It’s a crisp, clear afternoon in San […]

Photo: Gwen in Loara High School Senior Video

We mentioned a couple weeks ago how the lucky class of 2013 from Anaheim, California’s Loara High School (which Gwen graduated from in 1987) got a special treat when she appeared giving a shout out in their senior video. Students Tweeted that the video was shown during their Homecoming ceremony. And now thanks to Perla1107 […]

Video: “Settle Down” Alternate TV Edit

Check out the shortened version of the “Settle Down” video that airs on television rather versus the original video which clocks in at 6:14. A lot of the beginning footage is cut out during the intro. The ending also seems to be cut short, too. I had never actually seen this edit so I figured […]

Vote: “Looking Hot” Album Version vs. Live

We all know that No Doubt has been killing it with their live version of their new single “Looking Hot” on television and some fans are, how can we say it, obsessed. It’s obvious that No Doubt seems to be amping up the guitars and are taking a more raw approach to the album’s arguably […]

Adrian Reveals Plans to Tour the US Before Overseas

Adrian caught up with Australia’s Music Feeds while currently in London. He reveals that everything is really exciting right now, and goes on by saying that it’s even more exciting being out of the studio. Adrian says it’s a great feeling physically having the album in his hands and he’s really enjoying playing new music […]

New Interview with

In a new interview with France’s, the band talks about the excitement of the album being out and Tom mentions it was pretty surreal meeting fans outside their hotel whom already had the record. Tom continues saying that the band was the main priority before having children. Gwen says that there is no magic […]

Videos: “Underneath It All” and “It’s My Life” Live on Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon shared two new videos of No Doubt’s performances that they played off-air during their stop to the show. They also attempted “Spiderwebs” but it didn’t end well… with a blown amp. Their flawless performance of “Settle Down” aired on television July 26.

No Doubt Kicking Off iHeartRadio Festival In Las Vegas

No Doubt have announced that they will be performing first and kicking off the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas on September 21. Tony says that it’s a huge “honor” and that they have “some amazing stuff planned”. Tom already confirmed that the band has been rehearing more new songs to debut live in September! […]

Tweets: TV Commercial Shoot

Update Wow! Turns out the band is filming a television commercial for Push and Shove tonight! So exciting and what a stellar set! Tony shared and teased us with a photo this afternoon of Gwen getting her hair done for what looks like another photo shoot. @tonykanal Yes this bass only has three strings […]