YM (April 1997)

Being in a group can be like a soap opera! Find out how sudden fame, serious jealousy, and a gorge guy named Gavin almost broke up the hippest band in the land. It’s been a most major week for No Doubt. Their Tragic Kingdom album has hit number one, they’ve rocked out on Saturday Night […]

Bush’s “Glycerine” Duet with Gwen Now on iTunes

Update: The song is now available on iTunes for $.99 plus tax! Here is a video created by Ri’chard using the audio from the iTunes file. We don’t know what’s up exactly yet, but Bush released this teaser art for what looks like an official release (either video or audio) of their duet with Gwen […]

Media Reports Gwen’s Appearance with Bush

People just posted a cute article on Gwen’s special appearance last night with Gavin’s band Bush for a duet on “Glycerine” at night #1 of KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas. A source said that Gibson Amphitheater (where No Doubt just finished their seven-night stand) went crazy when Gwen came onstage and the couple decided to do […]

Local Reviews for No Doubt’s Gibson Debut

The reviews are starting to come in for No Doubt’s debut at Gibson Amphitheater and they are all glowing. While I’m not a big fan of the commentary before the actual review of the show, so I removed a little of it but please check out the full article if you’re interested. The writer does […]

Tweets: More Rehearsals Before Gibson

The band shared a couple of photos last night on Twitter from their last rehearsal before the Gibson residency starts this Saturday. No Doubt has been working so hard in preparation for these shows and we’re so excited for them and all the No Doubters heading to Los Angeles to see the band! @nodoubt Last […]

Shockhound (November 2009)

Tony Kanal unleashes a long, drawn-out lion roar of a yawn, then hastily apologizes. “Sorry, but I’m still jetlagged — we just got back from Singapore Saturday,” the hedgehog-haired bassist for No Doubt explains. “And God, I gotta tell ya — this one’s been a hard one to wrap my head around, just getting back […]

The Reason Why “Psycho” Is Not On Push and Shove

Last Saturday, No Doubt revealed the official Push and Shove track listing and everyone following the band’s every move (and Tweets) noticed that one song was missing – “Psycho”. The band announced they were working on a new song “Psycho” that featured a “killer trombone solo” last April, making it the last documented track they […]

Full Billboard Interview And Article

Update Click here to buy the issue from OrderBillboard.com! Here it is! Our friends at Everything In Time somehow got their hands on a copy of Billboard magazine pretty early (though it’s not scheduled to hit newsstands till next Saturday) and shared the article and exclusive interview with everyone. We will have our own scans […]

Band Performing At The Teen Choice Awards

UPDATE Dr. Funkenberry has sent us a photo of an email from LiveNation and the Teen Choice Awards and No Doubt is first on the list of performers! How exciting! Hopefully the band confirms it but we’ll keep you updated! Wow! Thanks to Dr. Funkenberry for tweeting us tonight with the news! He posted an […]

Photos: No Doubt’s Private Performance

UPDATE Click here to watch the “Don’t Speak” live video! Huge thank you to Nathan and Fabio for sharing these photos! Oh my gaaahhh! Turns out No Doubt did a special performance on Saturday night (yes — they performed live!) last night at an elementary school. They did a private performance during a special auction […]

Billboard: No Doubt Hits The Road (May 2009)

In between bites of a Cobb salad at New York’s Tribeca Grand Hotel, Gwen Stefani is explaining why No Doubt is going on tour for the first time in five years without a new album to promote. “Honestly, it’s procrastination,” she says with a sigh. “My plan was to get pregnant and write a record, […]

1992 press kit for debut album

This is so cool! Thanks to Edgar and everythingintime! He was awesome enough to post some bits from a 1992 press release for No Doubt and their debut self titled album! We added the photo seen above, a short bio (which EIT.com was nice enough to transcribe all they could – see below) and a […]

Tweets: Cat Is Out Of The Bag

Tom Tweeted for the first time from his Twitter account this morning! Pretty exciting and make sure you follow all six of them! It’s going to be pretty exciting following all seven official accounts. Make sure you are following all of them for the latest! 25 years ago today http://pic.twitter.com/rATNOFEf Thanks OC Weekly! @OCWeeklyMusic http://bit.ly/xEPwvB […]

Complete L.A.M.B. Presentation Playlist; DJ On Working With Gwen

A new interview with DJ Jeremy Healy, the man in charge of the latest L.A.M.B. Fall 2012 presentation playlist, has been shared by Billboard magazine. He mentioned that while putting together the playlist, Gwen was in LA putting finishing touches on the new No Doubt album! The two usually like to work together on the […]

Photos: Gwen And No Doubt Join Prince Onstage At The LA Forum

UPDATE We added an audio mp3 of “So Far, So Pleased”! Click here to download! Why hello! I’m back! First off, I would like to thank our great co-webmaster Dave for updating BSO while I was on vacation, but now we’re back to regular! We will have tons of updates in the next couple days […]