Flashback Friday: Live on MuchMusic 1996

For this week’s edition of Flashback Friday, we’re looking back at No Doubt’s appearance on Canada’s MuchMusic back in August 1996. The band stopped by for a lengthy interview, posed for photos and performed their new single “Spiderwebs”. Enjoy! No Doubt also appeared on MuchMusic’s Intimate and Interactive less than a year later in 1997.

Gwen Discusses Tension In The Band In Unreleased Behind The Music Clip

VH1 has shared an unreleased portion of Gwen’s interview from their 2000 Behind The Music special discussing tension in the band while promoting Tragic Kingdom. When asked if all the tension was brought on by the media, Gwen said it was hard to say. “If you think about what we were doing, and how long […]

“Spark The Fire” Music Video Available on iTunes

Gwen’s music video for “Spark The Fire” is now available to purchase on iTunes for $1.99. Make sure to pick it up and rate! “Baby Don’t Lie” still has not made it’s way to the iTunes store yet but when it does, we’ll let you know. Photo courtesy of Gwen Stefani.

Storyboard Panel and Screen Captures for “Spark The Fire” Music Video

Check out an amazing storyboard panel from Gwen’s new music video for “Spark The Fire”, courtesy of artist Roger Quilatan. He shared that he created the :25 opening animated storyboard for the clip and says “the overall look/graphic and animation is so cool to see and yet this is just merely the tip of the […]

Video: Gwen Presenting to Pharrell Williams at BBC Music Awards

Gwen was on-hand (via live satellite) and presented the award for Best International Artist to collaborator Pharrell Williams at the first annual BBC Music Awards tonight. She looked amazing and it was great to see her pay tribute to a good friend! The two were on-set of The Voice in Los Angeles.

Gwen Finds Collaborating The “Only Way” For Her To Make New Music

In a new interview with Yahoo Music, Gwen discusses how making music has changed for her since having children and how plans for her have slowed down. Gwen says that she wouldn’t have made a comeback on her own and credits a lot of her inspiration to Pharrell Williams, calling him ““the best producer/songwriter of […]

10th Anniversary Release of Love.Angel.Music.Baby.

Today marks the 10th anniverary release of Gwen’s debut and iconic solo album, Love.Angel.Music.Baby. The album was released on this day back in 2004 to millions of eager and curious fans. Gwen started to come up with ideas directly after touring with No Doubt in 2003 for an inspired dance record of her own. The […]

“Spark The Fire” Music Video Details

New details have been released for Gwen’s confirmed upcoming music video for “Spark The Fire” courtesy of VideoStatic.com. “Spark The Fire” was directed by longtime collaborator Sophie Muller (behind “Baby Don’t Lie) and she is once again teaming up with visual effects masters Flawless FX, who had worked on “Settle Down” with No Doubt. Gwen […]

Video: Gwen On Her Passion For Making Music

In a new mini digital exclusive shared by The Voice, Gwen sat down for a humble interview about making it and her passion for doing what she loves. “I never really ever in my wildest dreams could ever imagine that I could be doing this as a career. Let me just start by saying that.” […]

Instagrams: “Let’s Make Some New Music”

Now that it’s been revealed that No Doubt have been recording new music recently, it makes sense that the band was back in the studio this past week. Adrian posted a photo on Instagram saying “let’s make some new music” while Tom shared one of his equipment all hooked up (which he confirmed was his […]

“Baby Don’t Lie” Music Video Premiere

Here it is! Vevo has shared the premiere of Gwen’s new music video for her single “Baby Don’t Lie” directed by Sophie Muller and Weirdcore. Gwen reportedly shot the video in Los Angeles over the weekend on September 21. The video seems to be a play on the classic Wizard of Oz, and sees Gwen […]

“Baby Don’t Lie” Music Video Premiering Tuesday; Sneak Peek Tonight

Billboard has shared that Gwen will debut her music video for new single “Baby Don’t Lie” tomorrow in full on Vevo and will be giving us a sneak peek tonight of it on The Voice. The article also confirms that longtime collaborator Sophie Muller directed the video. We’re very excited! Gwen’s new single debuted on […]

Gwen Filming Music Video This Friday

Hairstylist Jesse Jordan shared on Facebook that he was confirmed to work on Gwen’s upcoming music video shoot happening this Friday! Makeup artist Gregory Arlt also commented on the post saying “see you there”. Various reports have been circulating concerning “Baby Don’t Lie” and it’s release date. Though the single had been sent to radio […]

Report: Gwen Shooting “Baby Don’t Lie” Music Video In Los Angeles (Updated)

It’s been reported that Gwen was on-set this afternoon of her “Baby Don’t Lie” music video shoot in Los Angeles! Her new solo single, which has yet to be officially announced, is set to hit radio in the next couple of weeks. News of “Baby Don’t Lie” hit everywhere a few days ago after it […]

MTV: Gwen Is “Thinking About Music A Lot”

In a new interview from NYFW with Gwen, she revealed to MTV that she is indeed working on both solo and new No Doubt material and calls this “an amazing time”. A few weeks ago on the VMAs red carpet, she admitted that she was interested in releasing something on her own again alongside a […]