Song Saturday: Early Compilation and Beacon Street Singles

For this week’s edition of Song Saturday, we’re making up for the last couple of weeks and keeping it old school and looking back at some of No Doubt’s earliest recordings and rare vinyl releases. First up, we’re featuring 1988’s “Everything’s Wrong”, which was released on the Skaface compilation by Moon Records. Featured alongside local […]

Song Saturday: “Stand and Deliver”

For this weeks’s edition of Song Saturday, we’re looking back at one of No Doubt’s most loved and recent covers, Adam and The Ants’ “Stand and Deliver”. No Doubt was approached to appear and perform on an episode of CW’s hit drama Gossip Girl in early 2009. The band appeared as “Snowed Out”, an ’80s […]

Song Saturday: “The Climb”

For this week’s edition of Song Saturday, we’re looking back at one of No Doubt’s most epic and underrated ballads, Tragic Kingdom‘s “The Climb”. Written solely by Eric Stefani, “The Climb” clocks in at 6:39 on the album and is the band’s biggest song to date. Dating back to one of it’s first performances in […]

Song Saturday: “Hollaback Girl”

For this weeks’ edition of Song Saturday, we’ve been inspired by Gwen and Pharrell’s much loved and surprise performance of “Hollaback Girl” during this past weekend’s Coachella Music Festival in Indio, California. “Hollaback Girl” is still Gwen’s most successful solo single to date. Released on March 15, 2005, the song reached the top 10 all […]

Song Saturday: “Hey You”

For this week’s edition of Song Saturday, we’re looking back at a much loved track by both the band and fans, Tragic Kingdom‘s “Hey You”. “Hey You” is said to have been one of the songs written around “Snakes” (which was released on The Beacon Street Collection) and was inspired by familiar guitar chords by […]

Song Saturday: “Looking Hot”

For this week’s edition of Song Saturday, we’re featuring the band’s latest and possibly one of their most underrated singles, “Looking Hot”. The band shared they started working on the song, originally titled “Back In Love”, in late November of 2011. Work continued on “Looking Hot” until February 2012, and it’s been noted that the […]

Song Saturday: “Hey Baby” (Updated)

For this week’s edition of Song Saturday, we’re featuring No Doubt’s debut single from their Rock Steady album, and Grammy Award winning song, “Hey Baby”. Originally titled “Boys and Girls”, “Hey Baby” was one of the first songs written for Rock Steady in early 2001. No Doubt collaborated with producer Philip Steir on the song’s […]

Song Saturday: “Ex-Girlfriend”

For this week’s edition of #SongSaturday, we’re looking back at a single from No Doubt that has earlier versions of it that even fans know and love, “Ex-Girlfriend”. Notably one of the last songs written for Return of Saturn (and produced by Glen Ballard), the band decided to head back into the studio after the […]

Song Saturday: “New Friend”

For the site’s third edition of #SongSaturday, I’ve decided to look back at one No Doubt’s treasured b-sides included on Everything In Time, “New Friend”. “New Friend” brings many of No Doubt’s sounds to the table all in one track. From the deep bass to the dancehall beats to the totally epic and unexpected ending […]

Song Saturday: “Magic’s In The Makeup”

For this week’s edition of #SongSaturday, we’re featuring one of No Doubt’s most memorable and beautiful ballads from the Return of Saturn album, “Magic’s In The Makeup”. Once an early contender for the album’s title, “Magic’s In The Makeup” was revealed as a new song for their upcoming record in August 1999 (along with “Everything […]

Song Saturday: “Move On”

Another new feature! Today we’ve started “Song Saturday”, where each week we’ll feature one individual song from No Doubt’s career in-depth with rare facts, demos and different live versions. First, we’re looking back at No Doubt’s electric “Move On”, which is included on the band’s debut album released back on March 17, 1992. Two early […]

Update: Gwen Surprises Fans on Blake Shelton’s Tour with Her Songs

Update! As many fans expected, Gwen graced the stage once again tonight in Saint Paul, Minnesota and surprised fans with a solo performance of “The Sweet Escape” with Blake’s band! Update! Blake Shelton kicked off his new tour in Oklahoma City last week and Gwen has been a special guest for the past four shows […]

Poll: Which Song Should Be Gwen’s Next Single?

While fans and listeners are still riding high on Gwen’s latest single “Make Me Like You” (which is finally making it’s way to radio stations across the US), we’re curious which song from This Is What the Truth Feels Like would you like to see her release next. We’ve included “Misery” due to it not […]

New Radio Interview with Saturday Night Online

Gwen phoned into Saturday Night Online tonight for a new radio interview. She discussed getting the call for The Voice and says putting out new solo music and being on the show is a new chapter in her life. The idea behind her record was being spontaneous and getting her together with a bunch of […]

Saturday Night with Tribute Band Don’t Speak

Well hello there! This past Saturday night I was able to experience Chicago’s very own No Doubt tribute band, Don’t Speak. I heard about this band sometime a year back when I heard they played Northalsted Market Days. My cousin told me how awesome they were, and I must say I was not disappointed at […]