Confirmed: L.A.M.B. Fall 2012 Fashion Show Scheduled February 11

It’s confirmed! The official Mercedes Benz Fashion Week schedule has been revealed this afternoon and L.A.M.B. is on board to show on Saturday, February 11, 8:30 PM at the Box at Lincoln Center. Pretty exciting! L.A.M.B. as been shown here in the past, most recently her Spring 2012 collection, where Gwen was not present. It’s […]

Exclusive: L.A.M.B. Handbags Now Developed By Artisan House; Designing For “Fashion Oriented” Consumer

Well this is pretty interesting… and explains a lot! In a new recent feature in WWD magazine, it’s been revealed that Gwen and her L.A.M.B. team have moved on from founders of the line, Schifter + Partners (whom helped launch the line back in 2003) and are now with Artisan House, a creative force behind […]

Exclusive: Gwen Featured In “365 Days Of Fashion” Calendar

Huge thanks to our good friend Brige for sending into us! Gwen is featured in the 2011 table calendar, 365 Days of Fashion. She is actually featured on today’s date, November 18, 2011. The caption they wrote about her is pretty nice, though there is a typo on “Harajuku”. ICON GWEN STEFANI, SINGER & FASHION […]

Target On Harajuku Mini: “Captures Gwen’s Vision As Preeminent Fashion Designer”

In a new official press release, Target has come forward again to hype the project and praise Gwen and the line which they say “captures Gwen’s vision as a preeminent fashion designer”. That’s awesome and we couldn’t agree more! Target is also saying they are very confident the line will do well in stores and […]

Exclusive: Scans And Transcribed Article From Fashion Magazine

Click here to see HQ scans! Here you go! Thank you again to Taylor for sending in her scans to us! Check out Gwen on the cover of Canada’s Fashion magazine for their November 2011 issue. The photos were taken back in May when Gwen was in Cannes, France. The photos are stunning, but we […]

Preview: Gwen On The Cover Of Canada’s Fashion Magazine

(Click here for a better quality photo, but smaller) How exciting! It’s been revealed that Gwen will be on the cover of Canadian’s Fashion magazine for the November 2011 issue. The magazine hits newsstands on October 10 and features a stunning outtake from Gwen’s L’Oreal shoot that was taken earlier this year. We hope to […]

Gwen And Her Bindi Included In Rock’s Most Iconic Fashion Accessories List

Gwen and her famous bindi (which she wore for most of the Tragic Kingdom era and more recently in the studio!) have been included in Spinner’s new list of the most popular rock star iconic fashion accessories. Calling all Gwenabees! Spinner — It’s not enough to wear the right outfit. Any chump with a few […]

BSO Live Coverage Post Of L.A.M.B. Spring 2012 At New York Fashion Week

The show has now wrapped and we will be adding more photos as they come in! Thank you to everyone for sharing news and photos with us — including The Grayest Ghost for sharing the stunning and touching photo of the L.A.M.B. program with us above. Click here for BACKSTAGE photos Click here for L.A.M.B.’s […]

BSO Fashion Week Day #6: L.A.M.B. Fall 2011 Runway Show

Today we are looking back at the latest collection of L.A.M.B. to hit the runway, Fall 2011. Gwen once again stunning editors and fans all over the world by taking on six different styles (“Soldier Girls”, “Ragga Muffins”, “London Girls”, “Buffalo Girls”, “Mod Girls” and “Glamour Girls”), something she’s never done before. The collections were […]

BSO Fashion Week Day #5: Sephora Fragrance Event And Spring 2011 Fashion Show

Today we are looking back at one of the highest praised L.A.M.B. collections yet — Spring 2011! It was all about prints, prints and more prints! I think its been one of Gwen’s most ambitious collections yet, and it was incredible. Gwen also made her rounds to parties around Fashion Week, held her own Harajuku […]

BSO Fashion Week Day #4: L.A.M.B Spring And Fall 2010 Presentations

Today we are looking back at two different collections (mostly due to time constraints, sorry, not a reflection on the lines!), both Spring and Fall 2010 seasons. Both shows were held again in smaller venues, but this in no way hindered the presentations and style. Gwen also introduced us to her collaboration with Apple, bringing […]

BSO Fashion Week Day #3: L.A.M.B. Spring 2008 Show Room And Runway

Today we are looking back at one of the most successful and most loved collection of L.A.M.B. by critics and fans all of the world — Spring 2008! Gwen brought her love of ska and mod wear to the forefront and we couldn’t get enough of it! Polos, checkers, houndsooth, skirts and more — everything […]

BSO Fashion Week Day #2: L.A.M.B. Spring 2007 Showroom And Presentation

Day two! Today we are looking back at Gwen’s second L.A.M.B. showing, her Spring 2007 presentation at New York Fashion Week. The presentation took place on September 15, 2006 at the Industria in New York City. A lot of famous faces were there to see another peek at Gwen’s growing fashion endouver. Gwen looked super […]

BSO Fashion Week Day #1: Backstage And On The Runway For L.A.M.B.’s Debut

So we’re going with a little something unique this week, and it’s going to be fun! In anticipation of the L.A.M.B. fashion show next Sunday at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York, we decided to do a little Fashion Week of our own — looking at past seasons of L.A.M.B., events, looks, videos and […]

Gwen Possibly Not Appearing At Fashion Week Due To Work On New Album

Well, this explains it! A L.A.M.B. spokesperson has come out saying that Gwen will possibly not be making an appearance at Fashion Week this September with her line due to “extraordinary demands” and “finishing a new record”. This does make sense since the presentation was moved to a much smaller venue versus the Theater which […]