Blast From The Past: 1992 Record Release Party Footage

Thanks again so much to our good friend Maribeth for sharing with us, but check out a couple of rare shots taken from No Doubt’s infamous record release party in 1992! Also, did you know that Sublime opened for the band back at this show on June 24 1992? Well it turns out a other […]

SPIN: Get Happy! (November, 1996)

Transcribed by Jenny Fowler for Beacon Street Online Smatterings of breathlessly excited, blonde-streaked, sparkle-lashed 14-year-olds liter the backstage area of San Francisco’s fabled Filmore. Oblivious to the portraits of Janis, Jimi, and the Jefferson Airplane scattered around the venue, these girls line up to press tokens of esteem on the recently adopted object of their […]

BSO Exclusive: Full Transcribed Elle Article!

Thanks so much to our lovely Christina who emailed me this morning the FULL transcribed Elle article for us! Wow, it’s such a good read, and it is really refreshing see to the light the author puts her in. Gwen is very honest and candid about all her projects, No Doubt, and herself. It seems […]

New Tom Interview: Album Was Supposed To Be Out This Year

A new interview with Tom has showed up on regarding what it’s like touring with no album, and how the band was originally planning on releasing something this year — but things didn’t quite turn out what he expected. He thinks that all the members have grown up personally and professionally. Five years, a […]

Gwen #10 On Nerve Magazine's Forty Sexiest Frontwomen In Rock History

Nice that they included a performance of one of my favorite songs. Anyways, Nerve magazine just came out with a power-house list of the Forty Sexiest Frontwomen in Rock History and Gwen hit the lust at #10 — coming out on top of Annie Lennox and Stevie Nicks! Hush up now. Gwen Stefani’s willingness to […]

BSO's Seven Days Of No Doubt – Day 7: "Move On," 1996

And we saved the best for last. This is one of our favorite ND performances, ever. Here is them with “Move On” at the Sol Rock Festival in 1996. Sadly, the video is labeled “Total Hate,” but it still rocks. Gwen is sporting the infamous yellow bondage pants (that a lot of fans hold a […]

Gwen Reveals How Politics And Technology Might Inspire New Album

Gwen gave a really good interview to Radio 104.5 and talked a little bit more about the inspirations for new material, on how politics might factor into the new album, and why choosing Paramore for the opening act was difficult. Also, it’s really not set in stone that ND will be performing “Stand and Deliver” […]

No Doubt's Ticket Plan Takes Aim At Scalpers; Tony Interviewed; Cincinnati Stop Dropped From Tour

Wow, well I guess this explains why there was a shortage FAST on tickets through the tour club yesterday. I tried for Irvine last night and they were gone in the first minute (thankfully a cool chick is hooking me up!) But anyways, it looks like they only set aside 10% of the tickets for […]

All Confirmed Tour Dates Posted On Livenation Including May 2 In Atlantic City With Tinted Windows

Tinted Windows features Taylor Hanson (from Hanson), James Iha (from Smashing Pumpkins), Adam Schlesinger (from Fountains of Wayne) and Bun E. Carlos (from Cheap Trick). They are actually pretty good, but I still can’t get over Taylor’s voice. Woah, we didn’t see this one coming. It looks like the Atlantic City date we posted happening […]

Katy Perry – The Ultimate 'Gwennabe'?

Mercury News just posted a new review of singer Katy Perry’s latest show from San Francisco and drew ALOT of comparison’s between her and Gwen. It’s a pretty cute review, though the show was panned for the most part. It’s hard to watch Katy Perry in concert, as a capacity crowd of 1,100 did on […]

Rare Facts

All rare facts were compiled from various sources from over the years. Have an interesting one that you don’t see here? Send it in to They have been separated by group and members. [table]No Doubt Members of No Doubt were once in a band called Primary Colors. They performed once at a talent show. […]

7 Female-Fronted Rock Bands That Kick Butt

IGN has posted a cute article showcasing the best 7 female-fronted rock bands, and of course, No Doubt is the first on the list. No Doubt Without Gwen Stefani bounding across the stage, exposing her midriff and delivering squeaky-voiced bombshells about her love life, it’s unlikely the members of this Orange County ska-rock band would […]