Poll: Which Was Your Favorite Look From Gwen on The Voice?

For our new featured poll, we would like to know which look from Gwen over the past season of The Voice was your favorite! She looked so glamorous on the show and showcased several different looks (including a few from her own L.A.M.B. line). Her team, including stylist Petra Flannery, hairstylist Danilo and makeup artists […]

Poll: Favorite Lead Single from Gwen?

After asking fans what your pick for No Doubt’s best lead single, we’re curious what you thought Gwen’s was. She embarked on the pop scene on her own in 2004 with “What You Waiting For?”, a standout track that many consider a classic. Gwen returned in 2006 with her Sound of Music-infused “Wind It Up” […]

Poll: Favorite No Doubt Lead Single?

In a new featured poll, we want to know what was the band’s best lead single from an album release. We’ve also included where their singles peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 chart (if available) and music videos. We’ve excluded “New” from the poll due to it being released originally to promote the movie Go […]

Poll: Should the Harajuku Girls Return?

With Gwen’s new solo album and era upon us in the coming weeks, we’re curious how you would feel if Gwen made her return with the Harajuku Girls (Love, Angel, Music and Baby) in tow. She’s most likely heading out again on her own this time around but including them in a few performances might […]

Poll: Favorite Pharrell Williams Collaboration?

With the Voice blind auditions kicking off this week in Los Angeles, we’re curious which song was your favorite collaboration between Gwen and Pharrell Williams. Both Gwen and Pharrell are filling in for season seven of the hit NBC singing competition show which is debuting on TV this Fall. Their work together dates back to […]

Poll: Is The Voice The Right Move For Gwen? (Updated)

Update: Both NBC and Gwen have confirmed that she will be joining for season 7 of The Voice which starts filming in June! After not featuring a poll in awhile, we’re curious if you think Gwen’s rumored move to NBC’s singing competition show The Voice is the right move for her. If she is in […]

Poll: Favorite Beatles Cover?

For today’s fun poll, we’re curious which Beatles cover is your favorite from No Doubt? They’ve been covering the legendary group since the late 1980s while performing in clubs, worldwide on the Tragic Kingdom tour, and most recently for President Obama and Sir Paul McCartney himself during the Kennedy Center Honors in 2010. Let us […]

BREAKING: Gwen Gives Birth To Third Son, Apollo Bowie Flynn (Updated)

Update: Welcome Apollo Bowie Flynn Rossdale! Gavin Tweeted (which Gwen then retweeted) their new baby’s name this afternoon and explained how little Apollo’s middle names “Bowie” and “Flynn” are both of their mother’s maiden names. So sweet! We are so incredibly happy for the Stefani-Rossdale family and we are sending them all of our love […]

Poll: Best Grammy Awards Red Carpet Style?

With the Grammy Awards set for tomorrow night, we’re curious what you thought Gwen’s best red carpet style was from the past years! The last time Gwen attended the award show was back in 2006 where she debuted her proud baby bump on the red carpet with husband Gavin in a custom-made leopard L.A.M.B. gown. […]

Beacon Street Online’s Yearly Poll Results

Happy New Year, everyone! In part of our look back at 2013, we wanted to feature and highlight the year’s poll results. Thousands of votes were tallied over the year and below are the outcomes decided by the fans and our visitors for their favorite No Doubt album, tour, music video, etc. Our most popular […]

Poll: Favorite No Doubt Album Artwork?

For one of the year’s final polls, we’re curious which No Doubt album cover artwork is your favorite? Each album’s artwork is unique and spectacular and really captures each of the band’s work released. We’re asking not for you to judge the album’s quality, but the album’s artwork only! For this one, we excluded both […]

Poll: Best KROQ Acoustic Christmas Style?

For today’s fun poll, and in honor of KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas kicking off tonight, we wanted to look back and ask what you thought Gwen’s best style was from the event? No Doubt have performed a total of 5 times over the years (1995, 1997, 2000, 2001, 2012), Gwen performed solo in 2004 and […]

Poll: Favorite Blondie Cover From No Doubt?

For today’s fun poll, we’re curious which of the band’s Blondie covers was your favorite: “One Way Or Another” or “Call Me”? No Doubt covered “One Way Or Another” back in the early days and comes across as one of the band’s most rocking covers (not to mention Tom’s killer guitar solo!) The near perfect […]

Poll: Favorite Video From Rock Steady?

For today’s fun poll, we’re curious which video from the Rock Steady album that fans loved the most. In our past fan favorite survey, you picked “Running” as No Doubt’s best video ever, but the four videos released during the era (“Hey Baby”, “Hella Good”, “Underneath It All” and “Running”) were so different and great […]

Poll: “Settle Down” vs. “Push and Shove” Video

For today’s fun poll, we’re curious which of the two Push and Shove videos was your favorite: “Settle Down” or the title track? Though the band only released two videos from the album, they couldn’t be any more different from each other but somehow showcased and kept the fun-loving vibe No Doubt has always had. […]