A few select television shows that No Doubt have appeared (and even animated!) on over the years presented in chronological order.

[table]Portlandia, 2013
Airdate: January 11 (Season 3 / Episode 4) IFC


No Doubt made a short cameo appearance on the third season of indie hit, Portlandia. In “Nina’s Birthday”, No Doubt appear in a hot air balloon as themselves while waving to Nina to wish her a Happy Birthday.

Nina goes to great lengths to throw an extravagant 32nd birthday party for herself. The day-long event is set to include a multitude of activities ranging from sunrise yoga to horseback rides. The party culminates in a Tapas Dinner, thrilling news to Kath and Dave who have just returned from a trip to Spain. A young couple is forced to take out a loan from a local banker to attend Nina’s party. Snarky responses to Evites earn a local comedian celebrity status.

[table]Gossip Girl, 2009
Airdate: May 11 (Season 2 / Episode 24) CW


Titled “Valley Girls”, No Doubt appear as “Snowed Out”, an 80s punk band who covered Adam and the Ants’ classic “Stand and Deliver”. No Doubt’s appearance was a huge boost in promotion for their summer reunion tour in 2009.

“In a flashback to the 80s, 17-year-old Lily Rhodes (Brittany Snow) gets kicked out of boarding school and runs away to Los Angeles, reconnecting with her parents, Rick (Andrew McCarthy) and Cece (guest star Cynthia Watros, “Lost”), and sister, Carol (Krysten Ritter). Back in present day, Blair (Leighton Meester) and Nate (Chace Crawford) attend prom together, but the evening doesn’t turn out exactly as planned and Chuck (Ed Westwick) has a little something to do with that. Serena (Blake Lively) and Lily (Kelly Rutherford) don’t see eye-to-eye over Serenas recent run-in with the law. No Doubt performs in the episode as an 80s band called “Snowed Out.” (No Doubt will also debut their cover of the Adam & The Ants tune ‘Stand & Deliver’ during this episode).”

[table]Celebrity Death Match, 2006
Airdate: (Season 5) MTV2

Missy Elliott: Tried to ram Gwen Stefani but was decapitated by a clothespin move. Somehow, she survived and reattached her severed head. After telling Mills Lane that she wasn’t finished (and that she wasn’t using special effects in her music video), the fight was continued.

Gwen Stefani: Two lollipops were pierced through her eyes, then her head was twisted off.

[table]Dawson’s Creek, 2002
Airdate: November 13 (Season 6 / Episode 8) CW


Titled “Spiderwebs”, No Doubt appear as themselves live in concert. Footage for Dawson’s Creek was filmed during a stop on the Rock Steady tour in 2002.

“Dawson gets concert tickets for the band ‘No Doubt’ for the entire gang. Joey asks Eddie to go with her, but she forgets their tickets. But they sneak backstage anyway with a little help from Eddie’s father who works as a maintenance man in the building. Jen sets Pacey up to meet Audrey at the concert hoping they’ll reconcile. Everything goes well at first until C.J. confesses to Jen that he and Audrey slept together the night before, and he later confronts Audrey about her relationship with Pacey. Pacey learns about it and starts a fistfight with C.J. in which they get thrown out of the concert, as well as Jen, Audrey, Emma, Jack and David just for being with them. At the same time, Dawson misreads his tickets that are for Saturday’s concert, and he and Natasha end up in jail after a policeman catches them making out in the parking lot, and Todd has to bail them out.”

[table]King of the Hill, 2001
Airdate: May 13 (Season 5 / Episode 20) FOX

Titled “Kidney Boy and Hamster Girl: A Love Story”, No Doubt appear as themselves in this season 5 finale of King of the Hill. Not only does Gwen voice one of the characters in the episode, No Doubt perform both “Bathwater” and “Don’t Speak” during a special live concert towards the end.

“Bobby pretends to be a high school student with a kidney disorder that stunted his growth, and helps the student body win a radio station contest, with ska band No Doubt performing at the high school prom as the prize. Meanwhile, Hank gets a port-a-potty for the alley so no one will have to go into the house to use the bathroom.”

[table]The Simpsons, 1996
Airdate: May 16 (Season 7 / Episode 24) FOX

Titled “Homerpalooza”, No Doubt are featured in the background, along with longtime guitar tech, Donnie Spada. However, on the episode’s Wikipedia page, No Doubt is not listed as a guest star.

[table]Klutter!, 1995
Airdate: FOX Kids

Good friend and animator Eric Keyes incorporated both Gwen and Tom into a special Klutter! (Eek! Stravaganza?) episode which aired in 1995.

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