Below is an archived list of interviews and televised performances from No Doubt and Gwen Stefani.

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[table]skaparade_p, thegig_p, skaparade_93
Ska Parade, The Gig (1990), Ska Parade (3/20/1993) [/table]

  • The Gig (1990)
    Before the release of No Doubt’s mega-album Tragic Kingdom, the band were featured on local radio and television stations with only a few appearances in the first few years. Most notably known as their first television appearance, No Doubt appeared The Gig, a show broadcasted on public access TV from San Pedro, California. The band performed old-school classics “Aladdin”, “Up Yours” and “Big City Train.”

  • Ska Parade (1993)
    No Doubt also appeared a couple of times on local syndicated radio show Ska Parade hosted by Tazy Phillips. Radio listeners were treated to acoustic versions of “Excuse Me Mr.”, “Doghouse” (a.k.a. “You Can’t Teach An Ol’ Dog New Tricks”), “Hey You” and “Stricken.”