Below are commercials that have featured members of the band for promotional purposes. Please report any broken video links here.

[table]Gwen Stefani – MasterCard Priceless Surprises (2014)

Gwen is the newest face of MasterCard Priceless Surprises in a new campaign which gives cardholders chances to win items and even a chance to meet Gwen herself. The commercial is just an introduction to a new multifaceted deal for Gwen with MasterCard with more surprises and events on the way.[/table]

[table]Gwen Stefani – Windows Phone (2013)

Gwen was revealed as the latest spokesperson for Microsoft’s Windows Phone in November of 2012. An online campaign was launched as well as two mini ads that aired on US and UK television.[/table]

[table]No Doubt – Push and Shove Deluxe Edition for Target (2012)

No Doubt teamed up with Target for a special edition of their new album that included 8 exclusive bonus songs. No Doubt filmed a special television spot which featured new song “One More Summer” that aired nationwide and in-stores.[/table]

[table] Gwen Stefani – L’Oreal Infallible Le Gloss Lipgloss (2012)

Gwen’s final L’Oreal campaign for Le Gloss Lipgloss debuted in early April 2012.[/table]

[table]Gwen Stefani – L’Oreal Superior Preference Hair Color (2012)

Gwen’s second campaign for L’Oreal Superior Preference Hair Color debuted in March 2012.[/table]

[table]Gwen Stefani – Harajuku Mini for Target (2011)

Gwen’s debut line for children debuted in Target stores and online nationwide on November. Target ran this television ad to promote the launch. Gwen once again channeled her inner “Alice” and hit the streets of Harajuku.[/table]

[table]Gwen Stefani – L’Oréal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Mascara (2011)

Gwen’s second campaign debuted in September 2011 for L’Oréal Paris Voluminous® False Fiber Lashesâ„¢ Mascara.[/table]

[table]Gwen Stefani – L’Oréal Superior Preference Hair Color (2011)

Gwen appeared in a second video of her L’Oréal campaign advertising her Superior Preference Hair Color line. Gwen is using the shade LBO1 Extra Light Ash Blonde in her L’Oreal ads for L’Oreal Superior Preference Les Blondissimes.[/table]

[table]Gwen Stefani – L’Oréal Infallible Le Rouge Lip Color (2011)

Gwen’s debut commercial for her L’Oréal campaign debuted in February of 2011. Known for her red lips of course she was the perfect choice for their Infallible Le Rouge lip color campaign. Gwen is wearing the color “Ravishing Red”.[/table]

[table]Gwen Stefani – (RED) (2009)

Gwen made a cameo in the (RED) campaign to donate .40 a day (in which she was able to purchase an orange and a throwback to the Tragic Kingdom era).[/table]

[table]Gwen Stefani – HP (2007)

Gwen appeared in a commercial for HP printers to promote The Sweet Escape tour photos project that was on the website for awhile. “Early Winter” also appears in the commercial.[/table]

[table]Gwen Stefani – Harajuku Lovers Fragrance

Gwen narrates the debut commercial for the Harajuku Lovers fragance TV campaign.[/table]

[table]Gwen Stefani – L Fragrance (2007)

Gwen appeared as herself in a commercial to promote L fragrance back in 2007. The background music includes her saying “I want you all over me” to “Wonderful Life”.[/table]

[table]Gwen Stefani – The Sweet Escape Asian Tour Promo (2007)

A promotional commercial which aired to promote the Asian leg of Gwen’s Sweet Escape tour.[/table]

[table]Gwen Stefani – The Sweet Escape UK Album Promo (2006)

A promotional commercial with aired in the UK for Gwen’s second solo album The Sweet Escape.[/table]

[table]Gwen Stefani – (2005)

Gwen appeared in this commercial with other celebrities for the campaign “Every Three Seconds” in 2005.[/table]

[table]Gwen Stefani – Pepsi (2005)

Gwen appeared along side with Eve to promote Pepsi back in 2005. The commercial first aired during the Super Bowl.[/table]

[table]Gwen Stefani – Malice (Unreleased) (2004)

A never-before released commercial for PlayStation 2’s Malice. Its cited that all members of No Doubt recorded voiceovers including Gwen as the main female character. After lengthy delays the game was eventually released in 2004 (sans No Doubt). This commercial was never released due to Gwen’s voice appearing towards the end.[/table]

[table]No Doubt – NBA Live (2002)

No Doubt appeared courtside in a promo for NBA live back in 2002.[/table]

[table]No Doubt – Rock Steady for Best Buy (2002)

A promotional commercial presented by Best Buy for No Doubt’s Rock Steady album release.[/table]