Video: Steve’s Debut Single “Over and Out” (Updated)

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Steve’s debut single “Over and Out” is available now on Itunes! Make sure to pick it up and support. Our very own graphic designer Geo also put together his official single art!

Exciting! Steve just shared his anticipated debut reggae single and video, “Over and Out”, and it’s pretty freaking incredible (and features a cameo from Gabe at the beginning).

The video was directed by Oona Garthwaite and filmed by Steven Soria. We wish Steve the very best with his new single and we can’t wait to pick it up soon!

11 Replies to “Video: Steve’s Debut Single “Over and Out” (Updated)”

  1. I was super lucky to meet him at the Sweet Escape World Tour stop in West Palm Beach. He was just walking around before the show started. 🙂

  2. See this is awesome that’s why I don’t complain when gwen goes single … like some no doubt “fans” they are usually all doing their own things at a time.when gwen branches out on her own…. more power to tall of them! Who knew he.could.sing so great? Love it 🙂

  3. Just listened to Gwen’s new single, and now this. Gwen’s is surely more mainstream but this is the one that gets stuck in my head. TBH I don’t even remeber the melody to BDL anymore. BUT of course I wish Gwen all best and the song just probably needs some time to grow on me (and then I’ll probably love it just like all rest of hers and NDs songs)

  4. It’s a pretty standard reggae-ish pop song tbh. Not bad, but not really anything special. You probably could pick up any random reggae artist and find the exact same song in their discography. But it’s really cool to see that the guys are also having their own projects. I don’t know if this would be considered weird, but I wish Steve would be featured on one of Gwen’s new solo tracks.

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