DREAMCAR Debut Studio Teasers (Updated)


DREAMCAR has shared two more quick teasers from the studio this time giving us a preview of their sound and what’s to come from the band. We’re really loving what we’re hearing so far and the band also posted what may be a lyrics with, “I didn’t leave a thing behind, but you can’t say I didn’t try” and “I didn’t take a thing with me, but please don’t say you’re left displeased.”

Bring it on!


DREAMCAR has shared a first taste at what they’ve been working on in a new studio teaser featuring black-and-white footage of the guys writing and recording. We’re treated to an intriguing drum solo from Adrian in the background that has us dancing and wanting more. It’s pretty incredible and surreal to see them all together again in the studio and we’re seriously counting down the days until we get to hear DREAMCAR for ourselves.

We’re anticipating and hoping for more teaser clips in the near future! The video does include a shot of a whiteboard with possible song titles, one in particular titled “Off the Charts”. We also see Tom in the vocals booth with Davey recording.

In case you missed it, DREAMCAR debuted their first official promo photo earlier in the week.

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