Official: Beware Of Unofficial No Doubt Fan Clubs

Thank you No Doubt, hopefully this will clear everything up about things for fans.

No Doubt — The community message board has been filled lately with questions about whether or not No Doubt endorses or assists any fan run clubs.

While the band recognizes and appreciates the passion and work that go into the unofficial fan sites, No Doubt want to clearly and definitively state that they DO NOT endorse any fan run clubs (paid or otherwise). Nor will the band provide special access to tickets, opportunities to meet the band, events or interviews through fan run clubs. These will all be provided by the band directly to you.

Postings to the community message board by board members will never represent the band or offers from the band (other than from the band’s own official accounts).

No Doubt communicates with fans directly via, Twitter, Facebook and other official social media linked from Fans will only receive official email messages from the band via emails.

Please avoid any fan run clubs that promise tickets, meet and greet passes or access to the band in any way. When available, these things will be provided by No Doubt directly to you. The band will make sure always has the most current news as well as the best access to tickets and special opportunities.

Thank You.

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