“Kill For Candy” Music Video Premiere

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The “Kill For Candy” video is finally here! DREAMCAR premiered their debut music video this morning on Vevo which is such a fun first look at the band.

The concept of the video follows the band meeting together from various places with Tony driving in, Tom grabbing coffee and Adrian and Davey prepping for their neon-infused group performance. Tom, Tony, Adrian and Davey seemed to be equipped with a wearable camera which gives us a firsthand look at a day in the life of DREAMCAR. After a performance segment, the band leaves together and joins up at Crossroads Kitchen, a memorable spot for the band where they notably invited Davey into the band and the rest is history. It’s a very organic video which pairs nicely with their origin story and direction. “Kill For Candy” ends with Davey seemingly going after a girl in the restaurant.

“Kill For Candy” was filmed in Los Angeles in early March and is nothing short of spectacular. We love the personal look into DREAMCAR which has us more excited than ever for the band.

Let us know what you think of the “Kill For Candy” music video below!

4 Replies to ““Kill For Candy” Music Video Premiere”

  1. Super reminds me of the “One More Summer” Target commercial… really wish that had been an official single/video. Anyway, video is cool, but I kind of feel like i’m forcing myself to like the song just to support the ND guys. Looking forward to some of the other songs to come and seeing them at Coachella.

  2. @SundayMorning I completely agree, I’ll read&watch everything BSO posts about Dreamcar and I’ll of course buy the album, and hope to see them live but eh, like probably only once – I feel the same way, that I’m just forcing myself to get into them to support the ND guys. I always said I’d support any projects the boys did on the side when Gwen first did L.A.M.B., but the trouble is Gwen is the singer so she sounds similar on her solo albums where as I feel like Dreamcar’s music is great but Davey just seems so out of place. I’d LOVE to hear Gwen sing ‘Kill for Candy’ like live at the next No Doubt for fun or something.

  3. This looks more like an introduction video. I don’t think it’s a bad video. I liked the different point-of-view shots. That’s actually clever!

  4. They all look so happy to be performing together again though! You can tell they really wanted to just play new songs. I think it still sounds like No Doubt. All about this new band!

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