‘DREAMCAR’ Now Available for Pre-Order; New Tracks Streaming

Photo courtesy of DREAMCAR/Columbia Records

DREAMCAR’s debut self-titled album is now available for digital pre-order! DREAMCAR is out May 12 and includes 12 tracks under Columbia Records. The album has been mastered for iTunes and is currently available to pre-order for only $9.99 and $9.49 on Google Play. Amazon is also offering the album as well as a special vinyl edition for $24.98. Once you’ve pre-ordered, you’ll receive an instant downloads of “Kill For Candy” new tracks “Born to Lie” and “All of the Dead Girls”, which also can be purchased now separately for $1.29. The two tracks are also available to stream via AppleMusic.

The album’s artwork was created by Duane Diebolt.

Pre-order on: iTunes / Amazon / Vinyl / Google Play


  1. After I Confessed
  2. Kill for Candy (2:54)
  3. Born to Lie (3:50)
  4. On the Charts (2:48)
  5. All of the Dead Girls (3:31)
  6. Ever Lonely
  7. The Assailant
  8. The Preferred
  9. Slip On the Moon
  10. Don’t Let Me Love
  11. Do Nothing
  12. Show Me Mercy

8 Replies to “‘DREAMCAR’ Now Available for Pre-Order; New Tracks Streaming”

  1. These songs would have been so much better with Gwen on vocals. This is my introduction to Davey Havok and I can say I do not like him or the way he carries himself. He seems arrogant and like he is “just there” and not interested in the music at all.

  2. I like this song better than Kill for Candy, I just am not a huge fan of the style. I’ll still purchase it to support them and wish the the best off luck. I must admit, if Gwen was on this track, I would be madly in love with it. Maybe it’s just Davey’s voice that makes it uninteresting for me? Idk, good luck guys!

  3. Who wrote the lyrics? All of the guys?
    And I agree with Cellophaneboy20, there’s just something about this Davey guy that I don’t like. He really does seem arrogant (maybe he is not, I don’t know, but he looks that way). I didn’t even know who he was.
    I am happy for Tom, Adrian and Tony and I am glad they are happy and having fun but I’m not really interested in this project.

    1. From the interviews I watched with him for this project he seems like a nice and sympathetic person. Sometimes people will jump to conclusions based on looks alone, but I think we should give this guy a chance.

  4. Nope!!! Davey is the coolest just like the guys are. I was the first one at the first radio station interview on Kroq a few weeks ago and it was 7AM and I seen davey walking in and I asked him for a picture and he made is effort to have them open the gate so I can get a picture with him. Then Tony and him came out to talk to me and another fan waiting. Davey is too humble and nice, considering it was too early to take a pic. He was genuine and kind. The vibes are right with davey. So people , rest your negative opinions. He’s just as cool.

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