Fan Predictions for No Doubt’s Upcoming Set?

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With No Doubt scheduled to hit rehearsals tomorrow for their upcoming headlining set at the Global Citizen Festival in a few weeks, we’re curious what you think will be on their upcoming setlist. Do you think they will keep it fresh and incorporate more new material from Push and Shove or keep it familiar with their greatest and latest hits? Any special appearances or surprises?

Fire off in the comments your wish-list for their set and the closest fan will win a cookie! For reference, below is the band’s picks during their Gibson stint in late 2012.

Push and Shove / It’s My Life / Hella Good / Underneath It All / Ex-Girlfriend / Hey Baby / New / Hey You (Acoustic) / Sparkle (Acoustic) / Simple Kind of Life (Acoustic ) / One More Summer (Acoustic) / Sunday Morning / Bathwater / Settle Down / Don’t Speak / Just a Girl // Looking Hot / Total Hate / Spiderwebs

No Doubt are set to headline the Global Citizen Festival live in New York City on Saturday, September 27.

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41 Replies to “Fan Predictions for No Doubt’s Upcoming Set?”

  1. I hope they perform a new song off P&S, maybe Easy or Undone?! That would be awesome! But yeah I know it’s a small concert so they will probably stick to the same setlist as Paris and Germany.

  2. I have a feeling that the shorlist could be a very small one. Like the one for iHeartRadio festival. I’m not expecting more than 5 to 6 songs. I just hope they drop It’s My Life from the setlist.

  3. I’m hoping for at least 7-8 songs and for them to tease either a new song (which Adrian said might be a possibility!) or more stuff from Push and Shove. Possibly “Heaven” or “Easy” would be a nice surprise and touch — wishful thinking on my part. I would be surprised if they even played “Settle Down” or “Looking Hot”.

  4. Yeah I think it’s high time for them to drop It’s My Life. I know it was a successful single but c’mon it’s a f***ing cover.

  5. They really made “It’s My Life” their own, but I agree, it’s time to drop it. I have a feeling they are just going to stick to their standard hits list. Hopefully they will change it up though.

  6. It’s My Life was their last big hit, so they probably won’t drop it – though I wish they would. I personally would like to hear more from P&S which I don’t think will happen. I’d love to hear Heaven, Dreaming, Gravity or Undercover live. I’ve been listening to the album a lot this summer and have a new appreciation for it. I wouldn’t mind if they left Excuse Me Mr, Ex-gf, Looking Hot or Running off the setlist since they weren’t hits and it will probably be a small setlist.

  7. My wish-list would be it ! :

    Don’t speak, Rock Steady, Settle Down, Just Girl, Spider Webs,
    Sixteen, Hey Baby, Easy, Big City Train, Hella Good,
    Tragic Kingdom, Different People, Staring Problem, Greener Pastures, You can do It,
    It’s my life, Oi to the world, Don’t be afraid.

  8. I expect them to play a “hits only” set containing JAG, HG, UIA, IML, DS and possibly HB. I don’t think they’ll play anything from RoS and P&S or their older albums.

    1. I don’ t think that all No Doubt’s hits are very above the others songs. All the songs are very good. They can take some more risks !

  9. I think they will play at least SD or P&S from the last album. They better to. Not sure about Looking Hot but it sounds great live so they shouldn’t drop it.

  10. I think YYY has a point on the P&S songs, they never had time to polish a live version of the songs, so why would they try do to it now and for two concerts only?

  11. Frederic, they do not need to take risks at this point. They will play safe for this one, specially since there wont be enough time to rehearse that much with Gwen having so many things going on.

  12. ok, Cynthia ! i’m not in No Doubt’s calendar ! lol, it’s only a wish-list ! I’m not their manager !

  13. whatever the songs will be onstage, people look forward to hearing Gwen’s voice and heart with rock attitude of No Doubt !

  14. Settle Down / Hella Good / Just A Girl / Ex-Girlfriend / Simple Kind of Life / Push and Shove / Don’t Speak / Sunday Morning / Spiderwebs / Underneath It All / Hey Baby

  15. always the same over and over again boring songs, such as underneath at all, dont speak spiderwebs and so on, nd should look a little back and check some old songs which are even better than those common one , such as cellophone boy. end it of this. ache, doghouse. up yours. get a life. paradise. making out. get back! MY GOD SUCH SONGS!

  16. I agree with comments saying they’ll play their big hits– that’s usually how it works at these things. With such a mixed crowd, they aren’t going to play their unknown songs. My guess is Hella Good, Underneath it All, Spiderwebs, Just a girl, and maybe Push & Shove.

  17. Sunday Morning / Hella Good / Underneath It All / Just a Girl / It’s My Life / Don’t Speak / Hey Baby / Spiderwebs

  18. It will feel like a travesty if they totally neglect Push and Shove album. Same has happened with Return of Saturn… But yeah this will be a mixed crowd so I’m sure they’ll stick to the singles.

  19. I think Jesse above has it right except for Sunday morning probably wouldn’t make it and settle down would take it’s place. I’d love to hear ex gf

  20. This is my guess: Full Circle / Ex-Girlfriend / Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks / In My Head (Metal Version) / Saw Red (featuring Stephen Bradley) / Sunday Morning / Different Strokes / Hollaback Girl (Ska Version) / Come On Eileen… / Looking Hot.

  21. It would be interessant to know how No Doubt chooses his songs for gig ?

    is it feeling, time to rehearsal or marketing or sell or others or a mix ?????

  22. I put New Cover as ND are good at covers… One way or another, obladi oblada, beatles melody, IML, DJs, suspicious minds, stand and deliver, etc. I think it’d be cool for them to cover some new song– maybe that INXS song they were going to do…

  23. A new cover song would be a cool surprise, but I don’t think it’ll happen. But maybe they’ll play one of their familiar covers?

  24. I hope they play whatever makes them happy… And that they headline Coachella ’15 so that I can die a happy man.

  25. I feel pretty certain they will play “Sunday Morning,” I don’t understand why so many people are doubtful of that… it was voted fan favorite recently. It usually has a prominent spot in their set lists… it’s pretty universally loved, I don’t think that’s one they would cut. I also can’t imagine them cutting “It’s My Life,” as much as you guys want it to be gone, they seem to love it and they really have made it their own.

  26. I don’t think they’re going to play anything unknown from P&S, it just seems preposterous to me. I’m sure they’re going to stick to singles and I’m also sure they’re not going to drop It’s My Life. I mean, everybody knows that song and they absolutely own it. They made it their own. When you hear It’s My Life you rarely think of Talk Talk. I agree it’s really boring live and it’s certainly not my favorite, but it’s not a No Doubt concert. It’s a festival. They’d have to be pretty stupid to drop their last big hit. I don’t actually have any guesses other than those. Anyway, can you guys tell me if they’re going to stream the concert? I really want to watch it 🙁

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