You Voted: "Spiderwebs" From 2009 Tour Best No Doubt Moment Of The Decade

After 1,200 votes and only a seven vote difference — you have voted “Spiderwebs” from this past summer’s tour the best No Doubt moment of the decade! Not only was it the opening that gave all fans chills with the white curtain dropping, but the first time we have seen the band together live in a long time, or even the first time for a lot of new fans. The tour was a huge success and has now inspired the band to make a new record. Again, we want to thank the band for such an amazing summer with the tour and for moments over the past decade that have inspired us as fans. They are such role models of good people, friendship, and love and passion for what they do. No Doubt is seriously the best band in the world, and best live band that you will ever see. With their energy, love for one another, the fans, and what they do — and now we bring you the pinnacle at what they do best — “Spiderwebs” from the 2009 comeback tour. Thank you again to everyone who participated in the polls over the last few weeks.

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