You Voted! And The BSO Fan Favorite Off “Return Of Saturn” Is…

“NEW!” Thanks to everyone who voted (with over 1,000 votes via BSO, Twitter, Facebook and email!) “New” was named BSO visitors favorite song off of No Doubt’s 2000’s Return of Saturn album. “Simple Kind of Life” came in at a close second. “New” is such an amazing song and will always be favorite No Doubt classic. For me personally, “New” has always been one of my top 5 from the first time I heard the early version the band debuted back in Maui back in 1998. The lyrics are touching and it brought a totally different element to their sound with a more matured sound while still keeping to their roots. The band has said it’s one of their favorite songs to play live and videos as well. It’s just perfect. It’s crazy to think that it’s actually one of their lowest charted singles but it’s such a staple to their live show and fan favorite.

Do you agree? And if not, what song off the album is your favorite? Thanks again to all who participated in our poll!

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  1. i just watched all the videos and it makes me sooo happy! Gwen needs to tour again! i misssssss her so much!!

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