Yahoo: Anticipated Albums of 2012 posted its top 20 most anticipated list for 2012 and No Doubt makes the top of the list. No new info though. The paragraph is kinda harsh, but we all know the band will release the album when its ready!

We’ve got some doubt the band’s new album will be out next year. After all, it’s been over a decade since the last (2001’s Rock Steady), and Gwen Stefani and cohorts seem to have graduated from the Dr. Dre school of false promises. But for some reason, we kind of believed them when they took to their website in September to say they were close to making a pre-Christmas deadline but couldn’t quite make it with the high standards they needed to meet after all this time—writing, “This collection of songs means everything to us.” Interscope’s accountants, too!


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  1. yo muero por escuchar sus nuevas canciones, solo espero que salga pronto porque muero de ancias….. NO DOUBT los amamos

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