What Does No Doubt Mean To You?

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Hey there Dave here. Last week I asked all the fans to write down a list of words when you think of No Doubt. I wanted to to thank you all for participating. I got a ton of responses and hundreds of words! I wanted to show you what the results that were made thanks to a handy website called worlde.net. The reason why I asked you all for this was because this was the gift we gave to No Doubt.  I wanted it to come from all of you guys. The bigger the word the more time it was used. The band really liked the gift.

0 Replies to “What Does No Doubt Mean To You?”

  1. Aww! You’re awake! I’m pulling an all-nighter as well since I have to head to the airport in two hours! Love you — I was soo fun having you with me!

  2. Aww,that is so,so awesome!! Thanks so much,Dave,for thinking of this idea,and for giving it as a gift to the band!

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