What Would You Like Next: New Album Or Tour?



For today’s fun poll (and to get some conversation started), we’re curious what you would like to see from No Doubt next: new material or a world tour?

No Doubt were in and out of the studio this time last year recording new material for an upcoming release, and by doing that, halted their plans for a tour in support of Push and Shove. While the band continues their hiatus, what do you think their plans should be next?

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  1. Hattie D (Stricken Lamb) says:

    Ideally, both. The new world tour in this perfect universe would consist of material from both “Push & Shove” and Untitled Future No Doubt Album. Like I said…ideally.

  2. Vanessa says:

    I”m gonna say, New Album. Atleast Gwen can still work on that while being pregnant and afterwards..

  3. lil says:

    Definitely new album. The material on P&S is pretty weak and dated now to plan a full tour around. I think they need to start fresh.

  4. Cynthia says:

    Question is… What does Gwen want nowadays. I think Im not the only one that thinks that she’s over ND.

  5. Sue says:

    New album although I hope that it would be a big improvement on the last one which was a huge disappointment for me.
    With so many kids between them all now I would think that touring would be a lot harder to do.

  6. NDLOVER says:

    I want a new album 1st and then a tour.

  7. Iheartnd says:

    As much as I love no doubt! I seriously think they should just stop & do their own lives…

  8. yeahyeahyeah says:

    It really depends… If they had already recorded enough new material last year and COULD (in theory) release it shortly after Gwen’s pregnancy, I’d say that they should do that. But if a new album meant that they had to work for another two years on it, because they lack creativity again and are out of spare time, I’d prefer a new tour first.

  9. yeahyeahyeah says:

    Either way all I really want right now are some cool collaborations from Gwen and ultimately her major comeback as the one and only pop queen lol.

  10. doom says:

    Neither! They should pick the best of what they recently recorded and release it as a single. Or Gwen should guest on someones track. That’s if they were smart.
    Let’s face it, an album will take years as we’ve learned. And a tour would be the same tired setlist they’ve been playing the past 10 + years.

    • Jenny says:

      I am mostly with you. I feel like the band needs to branch outside of their standard setlist (though I understand giving the majority of the crowd what they want to hear… which are singles…). I would love to see them treat fans to oldies or tracks that have been neglected on past tours. It will be interesting to see what they choose to play from Push and Shove on an upcoming tour.

  11. Sarah says:

    Either! Anything! As long as it’s SOMETHING!!

  12. Jam says:

    It annoys me how Gwen gets the blame, there’s no reason why it couldn’t be any of them who wouldn’t be interested anymore besides Gwen, they all have families to support and this band thing is a big deal.. 20 years ago it was different as they were all young and able to go off round the world….. I’d love a tour and see live all their old music as I’ve missed out and it’d be my dream… I’d love a new album.. with some big collabs.. and Gwen should resurface on some high profile collabs to get some support behind a new No Doubt album!!!

  13. Sue says:

    I’m with you JAM why is it that it always comes down to Gwen,there are others in the band besides her and yes they ALL have families now, priorities change.

  14. megan says:

    my dream would be them to re record where’s your lovin’, we’re just getting started, ect and release that! I love love love love love those tracks!

  15. Ray says:

    I think Gwen and the boys need to branch out and live so that they have something to write about. Gwen needs to collaborate wit other pop acts.

  16. zeek says:

    Most of P&S was kinda lame. I grew up loving ND, but if the band lacks inspiration, then I would actually prefer for Gwen to go out on her own again and team up with a lot of different producers/muscians that can come up with great stuff with her. Gwem is so iconic, it doesn’t seem right that she isn’t still a powerful force in music. I mean there is only one Gwen Stefani. And she is still young and beautifull. She should be out there on the radio, clubs, doing creative music videos etc… It would be pretty cool to try to do some really modern dance stuff. Some really hot dance tracks.

  17. nxdboy says:

    I would love both but if i had to choose one, i’d say NEW ALBUM for sure. Push and Shove has a handful of songs that work well LIVE (i.e. P&S, SD, OMS, LH). The rest of the album is upbeat but in a “KOST 103.5″ kind of way, if that makes any sense. I’ve been a fan of No Doubt since 1995 and consider myself a die hard fan so its hard for me to admit that I wasnt too happy with Push and Shove on my first few listens. I hope No Doubt doesnt read this :( I admit that Push and Shove had to grow on me, but when it did, I was able to really appreciate it for what it is, A GREAT ALBUM! The more I listen to it, the more I love it. My favorite moments from Push and Shove are the title track and the bridge for “Looking Hot”. I really really really hope that No doubt makes an album that resembles the brdige for Looking Hot. It has a ragga/ska/happy feel just like Spiderwebs and Just a Girl but still manages to be unique. Ok thats enough rambling :)

  18. nxdboy says:

    OOOOH ONE MORE THING!!!! i forgot to say that if all this No Doubt album/tour doesnt work out. I think Gwen should re-release L.A.M.B. as a 10 year anniversary and release “Bubble Pop Electric” as the lead single. The sound is so relevant that it would be a huge hit even nowadays. Then she can finaly release “Serious” and “The Real Thing” DO IT GWEN DO IT!!!!

  19. Bob says:

    I have supported ND since ’94 and a massive die hard fan, BUT i have to say the band has totally passed there prime and should maybe stop making music. There catalog of music (before Push and Shove) was sooooo classic and made them the powerful force of iconic global superstars that they are today. They shouldnt put any more of a dent in there classic body of work! I feel so bad saying all this but the wait and years of built up anticipation for “Push and Shove” was such a let down. I think they should still tour with there classic singles and just stay classic. It would be so embarrassing to see Gwen age and looking goofy like Madonna does trying to hold onto any kind of relivance or being hip. Hearing a 43 year old Gwen release a single with the lyrics to “Looking Hot” was really goofy and foolish. Someone so classic and iconic like David Bowie does it right, they stay out of the current music scene, keep a low profile but still do tours every so often, you dont hear from Bowie much but when you do its something great, like recently his Louis Vuitton adds and spontaniously releasing music online. ***R.I.P. PUSH&SHOVE*** NO DOUBT FOREVER

  20. Amanda G says:

    New album for sure, but I don’t see that happening for a very long time – if ever – at this point.

    And it’s not just Gwen’s fault, but I think she gets the brunt of the blame because she always takes ownership of being the one who holds things up from lack of creativity or solo career or being pregnant. She has admitted it.

    I agree that for their next tour they should make it more for their real fans who love more than just their singles.


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