What Does No Doubt Mean To You In 10 Words Or Less?

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So, wanna help us out? Dave has come up with a new project for BSO and we want your answers! Just simply describe No Doubt using 10 words or less, for example:

Awesome, Ska, Pink, Rasta, Unique, Blonde, Inspiring, Oranges, etc.

What do you think? You can either leave us a comment below, on the bandhouse, or you can email us at bathwaternxd@hotmail.com! We’re hoping for as many suggestions as we can — so make sure to send yours in! Thanks in advance, and we will have the finished project up here soon!

8 Replies to “What Does No Doubt Mean To You In 10 Words Or Less?”

  1. 1. Ska

    2. Obsessions

    3. Habits

    4. Summer

    5. Emotional

    6. Crazy

    7. Deep thoughts

    8. Secrets

    9. Glossy

    10. Dreams

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