Webisode 7: First Promo Shoot

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Click here for screen captures from the webisode!

We called it! No Doubt just released their seventh webisode in their series which features footage from the band’s first promo photo shoot. Now, if only more of these photos were released. Enjoy!

These photo shoots took place at Siren Studios in Hollywood, California back on June 21, 2012. The photographer was Billy Kidd. Click here for photos from behind-the-scenes.

6 Replies to “Webisode 7: First Promo Shoot”

  1. First off — it’s WAY too late in the game to be releasing webisodes about this kind of stuff. This should have been released before the album came out. Another case of mismanagement during this era.

    Having said that, it was a really cute video. I love so many of those outfits, they all look fantastic, and there’s some really adorable photos of them. It’s always nice to see the camaraderie in the band.

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