Webisode 6: Final Days In Studio

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Check out the sixth webisode documenting the band’s last days in the studio. You can see them working on their ballad “Undone”.

No Doubt — With the release of Push And Shove a little over a week away, it’s time for another inside look at the making of the album. Webisode #6 takes you through the band’s final days in the studio recording the track “Undone.” It also contains exclusive interviews with the band and never-before-seen studio footage of their last full day of recording with producer Spike Stent.

In addition to being the final song recorded for Push And Shove, “Undone” was also the last song that the band wrote for the album.

2 Replies to “Webisode 6: Final Days In Studio”

  1. EEk…her singing at :50 was really off key. This is so weird because I have never noticed it this much before. Is she trying to sing things she’s not equipped for? Or maybe it’s just me haha Anyway, great webisode. Kinda had a somber tone to it since they were almost done!

  2. I thought she sounded pretty good? I’m
    Biased Ben if she didn’t, lol. I’m beginning to think ill really like this song. Listening to the previews, this was the one that stood out the least to me. I really think every song is going to be so, soo good. Can’t wait!!!

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