Webisode 5: Push and Shove Album Cover

No Doubt added a new webisode featuring amazing behind-the-scenes footage of artist El Mac joining them in the studio and from the photo shoot.

Who else is obsessed with the new song in the video?

7 Replies to “Webisode 5: Push and Shove Album Cover”

  1. 8) Push And Shove
    9) Do You Think I’m Looking Hot?
    10) Sparkle
    11) Psycho
    12) Undone

    YAY 12 TRACKS!!!!!

  2. This song is so wonderful, a beautiful intro, i’m so excited, the albumart is very different is very futuristic, but this art combine with Gravity ahahah

  3. I think Settle Down probably will be the first track (because of the long intro) One More Summer, Easy, Gravity on the begging of the album too and Undercover, Dreaming The Same Dream, Heaven half

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