Webisode 4: Making The Video Part 2

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Get in line and settle down, No Doubters!

Webisode 4 is up! We get to hear a bit more of the song and get to see more of this AMAZING video! We love the part where they band reunites and performs together and gets down with the crowd! We also love the part where Gwen is jamming out and needs to fight her way out of the back of the truck – it almost has a bit of “New” vibe to it! She mentions that she had a lot of fun getting sweaty and rocking out to the song cause it’s really what “Settle Down” is all about. We also love to see the band just hang out and be silly and goofy – it’s like time never passed at all! We’re so, so, SO crazy excited for it’s premier on Monday! The only question is can you “settle down” and wait anymore?

8 Replies to “Webisode 4: Making The Video Part 2”

  1. I’m glad tony pointed out the country twang bit, we should all learn the dance and do it at all the shows whenever they play SD I think that’d be so awesome and the band would get a kick out of it 🙂

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