We Did It: No Doubt Named Best KROQ Band Of All Time!

We did it, No Doubters! We all pulled together, voted, spread the word, and the band was named KROQ’s Best Band Of All Time! Congratulations to No Doubt on the well desereved title! They were up against some really stiff competiton and some big names, but the fans pulled through for them! Congratulations again to the band and the fans for all of our hard work that paid off!

KROQ — We asked and you answered. The best KROQ band of all time is No Doubt. The Orange County band definitely has L.A. roots, giving it the edge in the contest, but who were they up against and how did it all pan out?

With such mega hits as “Just A Girl,” “Don’t Speak” and “Spiderwebs” from their debut album Tragic Kingdom, No Doubt has truly made their mark on the music industry, selling over 15 million copies of the album worldwide.

The MGD64 Best KROQ Band Of All Time contest pinned the best KROQ artists against one another, leaving No Doubt standing in the end. The final battle went down between No Doubt and Sublime, a truly worthy advisary, as the two bands toured together early in their careers.

The last four bands standing were:

1.No Doubt


3.System Of A Down


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  1. YAY!! Much congratulations to ND-they totally deserved to win! I can’t help thinking how they’ve come such a long way since being told it would take ”an act of God” for their songs to be played on KROQ and ”Glen” calling in to request Just A Girl,lol-SO happy they won 😀

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