Report: Wavves Wrote Songs for No Doubt


According to a new cover story from Consequence of Sound, surf rock duo Wavves apparently had a song writing session for No Doubt for Push and Shove. We all know that nothing was obviously used on the album but it’s still pretty interesting. We’re curious what could of came out of that. Thank you to Kristen for sharing the link.

Before tackling Afraid of Heights, he [Williams] and Hill did songwriting sessions for more prominent names.

“We did writing sessions for No Doubt,” he says. “We did a couple of other things that didn’t get picked up.”

You won’t find his name in the Push and Shove liner notes.

5 Replies to “Report: Wavves Wrote Songs for No Doubt”

  1. Dang, I’m so interested in what happened during the early days of Push and Shove. Between this account, the Dream(?) coming out about working with them on a “crazy George Michael sounding” song, ect. Then Tom coming out and saying that they weren’t working with any outside collaborators and then waiting for another year after 2011 when we were expecting the album release.

  2. wtf is wrong with no doubt, they discard waves but keep songs like OMS, Gravity and all those pop song? sorry guys, but lately I DONT GET YOU.

  3. Mariana, to be fair, we really don’t know what happened or how the material even came out. I am excited to hear more about their upcoming collaborations since in my opinion has been some of their best stuff as of late.

  4. I’m wondering if they decided collaborations were the best way to go going forward. I’m actually kind of surprised interviewers haven’t asked them these questions before.

  5. No Doubt was always really hush-hush about working with others during the last studio process (minus working with Major Lazer). And usually most of the time interviewers only want to ask them why it took so long for them to get back to work. So hopefully (and most likely) it will be different this time around.

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