Watch No Doubt’s In Sixty Interview Online

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Canadian No Doubters can now stream No Doubt’s full interview with MuchMore’s In Sixty that aired tonight during it’s second season premiere. Sadly, the videos only work for those in Canada so we’re hoping for a different source soon.

Click here to check out the video (Canada only).

Much More — It’s fitting that I had such a large obstacle in the way of chatting with this band because as successful as No Doubt has been, it hasn’t t come easy. They have been the ultimate outsiders constantly fighting their way in; their ska and dancehall vibe pop music has survived the wrath of grunge and boy bands while the band itself has survived the break up of two of its members and the death of an original No Doubter. This is a new phase for them, they have grown up together and reached the heights of musical fame and success and now have kids and families. After being away for 10 years No Doubt are attempting to reconnect with a new music world that has things like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. This is the fascinating story of a band that seems to fit in by not fitting in and who have survived everything that has been thrown at them, and not even the evil Matt Wells could stop them from telling it.

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  1. This was a great interview, I saw it on tv, hopefully people won’t just see them as a “pop rock” band and realize that they have actually expanded on genres, because there are people (mostly younger) that don’t know that they were a ska punk ish band in the 90s

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