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Up next, we’re curious which track from No Doubt’s latest album, Push and Shove, do you find the most underrated? After it’s release in 2012, the album received mixed reviews from both critics and fans but does offer a few highlights that stand out with the rest of the band’s catalog (i.e. “Push and Shove”, “Dreaming The Same Dream”.)

Push and Shove debuted with impressive numbers at #3 on the Billboard charts and was promoted with highly anticipated performances at the Teen Choice Awards, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Good Morning America. While No Doubt have yet to tour the album, the band held a special string of shows at the former Gibson Amphitheater in Los Angeles in late 2012 where they debuted a few more tracks from the album live for the lucky concert goers.

With the surrounding controversy after the “Looking Hot” music video was released, the momentum and life behind the Push and Shove pretty much disappeared. It’s a shame and we do hope the band digs back into the album more in the future and give the material the attention it deserves.

Most notable tracks: “Settle Down”, “Looking Hot”, “One More Summer”, “Push and Shove”

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For our next series of polls, we’re curious which song from each of No Doubt’s albums do you find the most underrated. We’re trying to put together a comprehensive list of the band’s best “unheard” and overlooked tracks — and because it sounds like a fun topic to discuss!

We’re not asking fans to necessarily vote for their favorite songs or the “hits”, but which tracks are most overlooked and what they would like to see the band revisit. Some material has yet to be performed at all really (i.e. “Dark Blue”, “World Go ‘Round”, “Waiting Room”, most of Push and Shove) which, in our opinion, deserves a chance to be heard live. But… we are also saying that some of these tracks may not be considered as strong as some either.

We hope to have new polls up every few days in the next couple of weeks for each album. Once all of the votes are tallied, we’ll put together a massive post with the top picks. After submitting your vote, please feel free to leave a comment and let us know why you picked which track — we’re wanting to include comments from our visitors in the results post. If this is successful, we also plan on holding a “tournament” of sorts to find out which the top No Doubt songs of all-time are.

42 Replies to “Vote: Most Underrated Song From ‘Push and Shove’”

  1. I’m going for Easy and Undone. Those are lost gems that should have been given more exposure.

    Overrated are One More Summer and Sparkle.

  2. I think SD, LH, P&S, all have been exposed with videos, and OMS was all over magazines in the P&S (album) hype up. I think OMS even won best summer song in a NY magazine. Sparkle has even been preformed live. I think Sparkle is my favorite on the album, Dreaming… is also a favorite of mine, but these have all been noticed. I voted Undercover. It’s a good song, and no one talks about it. I think it’s like a sequel to Detective (which I voted for in the RS poll). I wish it could have been the theme song to the Veronica Mars movie that came out.

    This album to me seemed too calculated– and I think ND is best when they’re more experimental and are in it for fun. The only exception is RoS, which was also very calculated- but for quality in lyrics and composition – not to be so generic that no one would feel alienated. i think ND saw their best selling features as problems to be corrected. I hope they can come up with something that shines. I wish they would take a cool and smart, long-term fan and have them direct them. I think the studios and producers mess with their heads.

  3. None of these songs got any attention tbh. Even the singles were pretty much overlooked, so this is really hard. I’m voting for DTSD, because I think it’s a great track that shows of so much of ND’s true talent.

  4. Without a doubt, Dream the Same Dream. The track should have blown up and it didn’t even get promoted. I am quite shocked that no one has used it in a feature film or tv show for a scene. It is too epic!!!

  5. Without a doubt DTSD. Also-is any body else surprised that it hasn’t appeared in a movie scene or tv scene? I mean it is too epic!!!

  6. Yeah the whole album is underrated. Not even the singles are really known to the public. I would vote for push and shove because it should have been the lead single but it is the only track that gets performed still. Tough call between Undercover and Heaven because I think they are both good songs. I voted for Undercover though…would be really interested to hear it live! IMO other than the lyrics it doesn’t sound anything like Detective.

  7. IMO, Dreaming the same dream, is the most underrated song of the album, it’s a big hit for me !

    IMO ,No Doubt should release it in a futur album, therefore maybe this song would be better rated !

  8. I think that Easy and Dreaming The Same Dream would sound amazing on soundtracks. I wish Sofia Coppola would use them, especially DTSD. It totally fits the atmosphere of her films.

  9. Push&shove as a album was awesome but looking hot although a great song it just didn’t last long as a single

  10. Wow I’m the only one who doesn’t care that much for DTSD I see… Although I am a huge fan of the acoustic version!
    I voted for Looking Hot because it is just slamming and I could not for the life of me understand how it didn’t become a hit. The video obviously missed its mark but the total neglect on the charts is just baffling. I also think Push And Shove should’ve been huge, it’s incredible. Settle Down is a great song I listen to all the time still.
    Sparkle would’ve been a fantastic fourth single.
    Undercover is also a song I really appreciate but that fans don’t really talk about it, so that one would also be underrated IMO.
    No Doubt definitely suffered from lack of direction (from management) and poor videos, although that still doesn’t explain why Push and Shove was SO underwhelming on the charts.

  11. I voted for Easy be it got zero exposure and I think it’s an awesome song, musically. It could of used a guest in the reggae bridge tho… Looking hot is my fave however. I blast that in my car all the time. I mean, she yells “Bo! Bo!”

  12. When did they play DTSD acoustically?

    Obviously the entire album is underrated so it’s interesting trying to narrow it down to just one song. For me, it’s a toss up between Gravity and Undercover. Gravity seems to be disliked amongst fans and I’m not really sure why? And Undercover is a song that took a long time to grow on me and now I love it. I wish they would listen to their fans and play some of these gems.

  13. Dreaming the Same Dream, definitely!!!
    It’s a beautiful and great song!
    @ Rose Marie there’s an acoustic version of Dreaming the Same Dream??

  14. I love Undercover. I think Gravity sounds too loud. It kinda scares the hell out of me every time it comes on shuffle. I guess it sounds too polished. I’d like to hear a stripped down version of it tbh. I like its lyrics though. It’s such a shame they never played it live. I hope they release the “stoney” version sometime.

  15. Heaven! It’s one of the only songs on the album that i feel works well from start to finish and doesn’t need editing. A lot of the songs have things I love about them, but in the production process they just got weighed down or it lost focus.

  16. Easy! It’s like my personal anthem when I feel overwhelmed or over scheduled, which is quite often. Also, I feel like it is one of the less produced songs on the album, so that could be another reason why I like it. I, too, felt the album was overproduced, like they stripped the ND out of the album.

    So, yeah, I voted for Easy, but, lets be real, the whole album is underrated…

  17. Heaven is also a true gem imho! For some reason I really dislike Gravity. It just sounds too overproduced in my ears. The instrumental is nice, but something seems to be wrong with the final production.

  18. Rose Marie, your not the only one DTSD is probably my least favourite track. And yeah I don’t get the hate for Gravity either, I mean its not a great song but it is still much more listenable than a lot of the stuff on their first album.
    I still hope we hear all the songs live someday especially Heaven, Undercover, and Undone! They have an acoustic set coming up so maybe they will do Easy or Undone!

  19. I hate the fact that they never played Undone, in one of the webisodes Adrian said that he couldn’t wait to play this song live… So, why wait? Why they always play the same old songs? Voted for undercover as the most underrated song from P&S. It’s short, lyrically good, not that repetitive as the others. It’s fun to hear.

  20. DTSD was an amazing song off of P&S reminded me of a ballad from the 80’s and it would have fit perfectly on The Breakfast Club soundtrack…

  21. I can totally understand Dreaming The Same Dream as being under-rated, I guess I listen to it so often it wasn’t my first choice. Undercover is one of my favorite songs by No Doubt and when I asked my friends what they would pick, they came up with just the hits. I have ND and Gwen on my Spotify so it just plays all their albums constantly on shuffle. There are so many songs that I hadn’t remembered especially from the original/first LP…Thanks to All you Gals/Guys at Beacon Street for Everything you’ve done for the band and us fans for years.
    Love to All

  22. Click on “view results” and compare it. Yesterday DTSD had so few votes and today is the most voted song? lol

  23. Jenny, I think you should cancel this poll. It’s obvious that someone is fighting between Undone and DTSD. It’s so ridiculous. How old are you, guys? Is that you Bob? LOL

  24. Lol I didn’t realize until I read my comment again but I totally got mixed up. Must’ve fried my brain in the sun. I was thinking of the One More Summer acoustic. Dreaming the same dream really has no redeeming version then for me…
    But I guess the people have spoken??

  25. ^ Yeah the same person voting for DTSD non-stop. Probably they think they will win a medal. LOL Some people have way too much time on their hands. It’s sad, really.

  26. @ndlover, there u go again

    I didn’t vote for this poll, as a long time fan its hard for me to admit this but I did not connect to this album, not saying its a bad album—- but I genuinely only liked sparkle and push & shove

  27. ^ Typical. Obviously you’d only like Sparkle and P&S. lol No surprise there. You’re so predictable. lol

  28. It’s ridiculous. I think we should google for a different kind of poll. I’m sure we can find a poll we can vote just once.

  29. @amanda g, I totally agree. I like coming on BSO read what other fans think and also express as well,, that said it really isn’t all that serious, to others it is

  30. Some people just take these polls way too seriously and seem to get upset when the “wrong” songs are winning… Very silly…

  31. Love love undone…and doesn’t Gwen like the blues? It really shows in this song. Most unrated for sure.

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