Vote: Most Underrated Song From ‘No Doubt’

For our next series of polls, we’re curious which song from each of No Doubt’s albums do you find the most underrated. We’re trying to put together a comprehensive list of the band’s best “unheard” and overlooked tracks — and because it sounds like a fun topic to discuss!

We’re not asking fans to necessarily vote for their favorite songs or the “hits”, but which tracks are most overlooked and what they would like to see the band revisit. Some material has yet to be performed at all really (i.e. “Dark Blue”, “World Go ‘Round”, “Waiting Room”, most of Push and Shove) which, in our opinion, deserves a chance to be heard live. But… we are also saying that some of these tracks may not be considered as strong as some either.

We hope to have new polls up every few days in the next couple of weeks for each album. Once all of the votes are tallied, we’ll put together a massive post with the top picks. After submitting your vote, please feel free to leave a comment and let us know why you picked which track — we’re wanting to include comments from our visitors in the results post. If this is successful, we also plan on holding a “tournament” of sorts to find out which the top No Doubt songs of all-time are.

First up…


No Doubt was originally recorded as an independent release but was later distributed by Interscope after the band was signed. Interscope though refused to support the band financially (due to lack of commercial success), so No Doubt put together their own money and released “Trapped In A Box” as their debut single. No Doubt also had to fund their own fall U.S. tour in 1992 to promote the album.

Though the debut album ended up selling only 30,000 copies initially, it went on to sell over 250,000 copies due to the success of Tragic Kingdom. Most of the album could be considered “underrated” due to it’s limited promotion.

Most notable tracks: “Let’s Get Back”, “Get On The Ball”, “Move On”, “Trapped In A Box”

Interludes and instrumentals have been omitted from the poll. Thank you for voting! Please leave in the comments below what you voted for and why.

22 Replies to “Vote: Most Underrated Song From ‘No Doubt’”

  1. I love the entire album, but “Brand New Day” is my favorite song, which is why I chose it as an under rated song. That should have been picked as their hit instead of “Trapped in a Box”.

  2. So are we essentially picking non-singles that we want to hear this spring? Is this a rally against them only playing singles? Because I’m down for it haha

    I’d love to hear Sinking and Let’s Get Back performed again.

    1. No, not necessarily. I am just curious which tracks from the albums do fans feel are the most overlooked (that shouldn’t be?) and would like to see revisited by the band possibly on an upcoming tour. I updated the post to make it more clear to make it seem like in no way am I hinting for them to stray away from playing what got them so successful in the first place. I just feel like there are so many hidden gems in their catalog and am curious what everyone else thinks.


  3. This is hard. I’m not sure if there’s an underrated song off this album… Well, usually No Doubters, including me despise Paulina… maybe that’s the most underrated one?

  4. Well, if I “despise” (which is a strong word lol) then it doesn’t mean I consider the song underrated… Since this album isn’t a favourite I don’t think there’s any underrated song, cause I don’t care much about the album. Anyway “Sometimes” is a great song that I wish No Doubt played again, acoustically…

  5. I didn’t know anyone despised Paulina. I don’t mind it.

    Thanks for the clarification Jenny. I generally don’t feel that this album is underused since it’s my least favorite, but I think Sinking is one of Eric’s finest songs and it sounded great live so I will vote for that.

  6. Yeah Sinking is a great song too. Personally I feel that the best song is Move On but live. So good! 😛

    I believe is the most underrated track, and sort of fortold the sound that would be theirs to keep. Much like the song “Where’s Your Lovin'” a stong track that was never relased. I love the track “Paulina” as well!

  8. “Let’s Get Back” & “Brand New Day” are probably my two favorite songs from this album, but I feel like they get their due attention. “Sometimes” is like a little hidden gem, which is why it got my vote.

  9. I picked “Sometimes”, because I always thought that there was something special about this song. On the album it definitely stands out among all those upbeat and slightly wacky songs.Gwen’s voice sounds very “Jazz” on “Sometimes” and that gives it a very special vibe.

  10. Sometimes basically reminds me of an “original” don’t speak. The song sounds like an old Madonna ballad from true blue and has gotten me through some tough times. Sometimes got my vote.

  11. SINKING, sinking, SINKING! ps: World Go ‘Round has been played live actually, I used have an mp3 of the song.

  12. I voted for “Let’s Get Back”. It’s got great energy and an awesome horn ensemble. But I also love “Sinking”. I was going to vote for “Move On”, but they have played that live so I view that song as getting an adequate amount of credit. That song ROCKS live. I had to download a live version so I could listen to it as much as I wanted. Lol.:)

  13. Big City Train was a song I liked off this album. I think the writing and melody is more catchy. The entire album just shows an immaturity to the song writing, and I don’t mean that in a bad way, like the subjects are immature, it’s the words and the subjects are too simple. But thats because they were so young and naive. Beacon Street really shows their growth as writers and really making music that gets under the skin rather than sitting on the surface. The first album is fun and shows where they came from, but I really understand why it was not successful. It’s fun to reminisce and enjoy the beginnings of ND. I actually really liked Paradise and other unreleased songs that they played live or made demos of. Sometimes I think the old school demos were better than what they put on the album.

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